G7 Scaling the way to new field marketing heights


In the domain of field marketing, a lot can be said about what constitutes great tactics. But we prefer to think in terms of processes and systems in order to power our way to success. 

A fantastic addition to our processes has been the WMS, or Warehouse Management System, which has greatly streamlined our method of dealing with campaign implementation and the speed of execution. 

The WMS registers 3 levels of logistics reporting.  The products are stored at the central warehouse and then dispatched to the regional storage area, and finally to store level, and reports are generated at each stage of this process. Reporting provides not only valuable data about the state of the operations, but also shows where the processes can be optimized for better performance.

Owing to the possibility of real time reporting, by using WMS, we acquired more control over our stock. We now know, at any time, the total number of products we stock, in what location they are stored, and how many were used or sold, and how many returned at the end of a campaign. 

This system enabled transparency in communication with our clients as we were able to keep them informed of the logistics at all times, shortening the reaction time and increasing the speed of delivering key reports.

The WMS we use is capable of creating the campaign logistics, the only variable which is required is the name and location of the end stores where we operate.

The system creates the fastest routes for product deployment, and drafts easy-to-use documents, which increases the speed of execution between our hubs. 

Through the use of serial numbered packages, first used in the electronics industry, the WMS brought the possibility of using „track and trace” technology into our activity. This resulted in a cost-saving effect and resulted in diminishing losses at the merchandising level, which allows us to operate at a significantly lower cost to company than the rest of the market.

A second benefit of the same technology is the integration of the client’s logistics system to syncronize with ours by using the same unique identifiers, thus lowering the costs of administration and the need to cross-reference the SKUs at the end of the campaign implementation.

We strongly feel, however, that the biggest benefit that WMS delivers is the possibility of scaling our business without faltering, knowing that the system, by virtue of the increased efficiency it affords,  allows us to manage an increasing number of operations, and thus increase the scale of our business.

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