Grupo A is ready to embrace the future.


What makes field marketing such a challenging business is the constantly changing environment within which it operates. The technical age of the 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us, but we’d best not lose sight of the real world in which we still operate lest we throw out the customer with the corner store. But EFMP Spanish partners Grupo A see Omni- channel marketing as a way to combine the best of both worlds, and even more, as the future of marketing, and they are up for the challenge. 

And the challenge is real!

Omni-channelling has evolved from and yet is distinct from Multi-channelling. Both Multi- and Omni-channelling strive to combine the worlds of traditional off-line, street marketing with the digital, online version. The difference between the two is that where multi-channelling puts the brands at the centre of the strategy and sends the same message to customers on all channels, Omni-channelling puts the customers at the centre of the strategic action, by following their actions across all channels and by constantly adapting the marketing message to engage them on whatever channels they are on.

Grupo A is the first to admit that they have a long way to go in this process. However, with eyes wide open to the possibilities that Omni-channel marketing presents, they have created an Integral Commercial Management Plan to merge commercial transactions with the latest available tools and techniques. They have created an Internal Inbound Marketing Plan, and they have developed their own software which allows for live control, supervision, and reporting of their campaigns and projects. 

 As a forward-thinking agency, Grupo A clearly has the Multi-channel aspect of marketing covered and having awareness of the potential that Omni-channel marketing offers they are well on their way to making the paradigm shift to embrace the challenges that the future of marketing holds. One exciting step at a time.  

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