Grupo A secure new growth from a new market sector


The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and instability to business as we know it. 2020 was characterised by extreme uncertainty and was a difficult year for businesses worldwide. These challenges have continued through to the first quarter of 2021, irrefutably changing the business landscape.

But as the famous quote goes “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. The EFMP's Spanish Partners, Grupo A, set themselves the objective during this time to find and create large scale opportunities in new sectors. Through determination and exceptional hard work, the team at Grupo A have managed to open new lines of business for the group by securing a large-scale implementation project for a key Tobacco company. This is a major step towards the group’s goal of finding opportunities outside of its usual business practises.

Being selected as the preferred partner, Grupo A,  will be responsible for implementing their clients newest Semi-permanent POSM implementation campaign in Spain, which will then be used as a reference to roll out across other European countries.

The campaign is divided into two core task areas for two of their main brands: 

• Firstly, the installation of full totems in tobacconist stores to promote their signature tobacco heating product.

• Secondly, the exchange of printed materials and dummies on the totems already installed to promote their signature vapour product. 

During the first phase of the project,  both tasks are being completed across 2,000 locations in Spain in less than three weeks.  The installation of the totems is done once a year, while the changing of the printed materials is done twice a year, the first in April and the second between the third and the fourth quarter of 2021. 

This project will involve a team of 51 merchandisers with over a year’s experience on a similar campaign. They will be supervised by a project manager, as well as the account executive. They will both coordinate the team of merchandisers, who will all be fully trained on the field specifics for this campaign. Field support will also be provided for the first few days by supervisors, in order to guarantee that all the quality standards set by the client and Grupo A are met from start to finish.

Why Grupo A?

There are 4 key aspects that separated Grupo A from other leading Field Marketing Agencies in Spain making them the partner of choice.

- Logistic capacity. A large range of warehouses around the Spanish territory, both owned and outsourced. This allows Grupo A to provide a simplified and all-inclusive logistic solution. The client sends and delivers the materials directly to the network of warehouses, without having to worry about dealing with any third parties.

- Communication plan. The Grupo A team of experts have established and adopted a communication pattern based on familiarity, clarity and effective problem-solving.

- Contingency plan. The number of resources, well-structured back-up plans, and an efficient internal structure, guarantee a professional service level. Grupo A’s extensive personnel database also enables a quick response to any last-minute gaps. 

- Reporting system. Grupo A provide their clients with full access to live reporting systems  so that they have access to the latest data. This translates into trust and complete transparency.

Grupo A hope that this project will be the start of a fruitful and prosperous partnership, as well as an initial campaign that opens doors to new, unexplored territories for the group. 

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