How are brands in France taking advantage of drive-thru’s


French shoppers have embraced the ease and convenience of "click-&-drive” drive-thru shopping. Throughout France, the drive-thru has established itself as the new means of shopping for consumer goods. Originally used mainly for purchasing groceries the development of e-commerce has seen a growing number of retailers utilizing the drive-thru channel. 

France has almost 4,800 drives-thru’s across the country and click-and-drive already accounts for half of total sales for the market-leading supermarket chain, E. Leclerc. Shopping at a drive-thru is quick and easy. The main reason shoppers use them in France is to save time and for the ease in which customers can order online. Drive-thru’s also provide consumers with more flexibility. They enable customers to pick up packages when it’s convenient for them to do so, as opposed to adhering to retailer’s strict delivery slots.

Impact Field Marketing Group (IFMG) was one of the first field marketing agencies to position itself as an expert in the drive-thru channel. Leading brands are calling on IFMG to help them establish themselves within the drive-thru market and to assist in setting up of sales and marketing teams with the expertise and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities this presents. In order to achieve this, IFMG offer their clients customized field marketing solutions that have given proven results for many years. Using teams of telemarketers, a physical sales force, or a hybrid sales force that combines telemarketing with a physical sales force and activations, IFMP can make a real impact for their clients.

Thanks to IFMG’s partnership with Data Impact, a global analytics platform for FMCG brands, their clients can make strategic decisions and optimize execution based on their e-store data and AI algorithms. IFMG combines collected, aggregated, and analyzed data throughout the sales process which guarantees an optimized and efficient system.

Impact Field Marketing Group use their unprecedented knowledge and experience, combined with cutting edge technology, to ensure their clients stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to marketing their products via the increasingly popular drive-thru channel.

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