Portugal joins the EFMP


Sociprime, the largest Merchandising and Field Marketing Company in Portugal, has joined the prestigious EFMP.                                                         

It joins the 20 other leading Marketing agencies throughout the European Union and Nordic countries, to benefit from, and contribute to, a partnership with the EFMP.

First established more than 20 years ago and re-branded in 2002, with a name change to  Sociprime to reflect their tag line, ‘Prime People for Prime Brands’,  and led by a dynamic management team, Sociprime is keen to take its place among its marketing peers in the EFMP.

As an influencer in Merchandising and Field Marketing in the EU, the EFMP is in a class of its own. The collaborative sharing of intellectual property, marketing strategies, and sales techniques among the partners, as occurs within the EFMP, has the potential to make each member company operationally stronger in the country in which its business is conducted. The latest trends are examined, and factors relating to goods production and distribution, are considered. Innovations are implemented or adapted by partners based on the shared experience of one or other of the member companies. This sort of inter-country co-operation in the area of Field Marketing and Merchandising is invaluable.

Sociprime, as the largest company of its kind in Portugal, with years of experience to draw upon, and as a leader in the field, with a client list which includes, Johnson&Johnson, Danone, Bacardi, Samsung and Coca Cola, among many other premier brands, is in prime position to join the EFMP partnership.  Due to Sociprime’s level of expertise in the field, knowledge of distribution channels, and an ability to create bespoke solutions for clients and the brands they represent, it will be a welcome and valued addition to the already strong EFMP partnership. 

The potential for synergy created as a result of this alliance is recognised and welcomed by both parties. 

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