Why Awards are worth their weight in Gold.


At the recent FMBE Awards, our UK Partners, Field Sales Solutions once again took centre stage as they set the standard by winning a golden hat-trick for “Campaign of the Year", “Field Data” and “Most Effective Product Launch”. No small feat in a highly competitive industry where, year on year, agencies continue to drive performance as they strive to be the best.

For agencies, winning awards is the external validation from both the industry and from their peers that the campaigns, services and results they have delivered for their clients are truly best in class. Field Marketing awards are measured on the criteria of creativity, strategy and planning, data analysis and outstanding campaign execution. There is no doubt that you have to be exceptional to win.

But why does winning awards matter, not only for agencies who win, but also for clients worked with or prospective clients in search of the right partners?

Commitment to deliver the best

Agencies who win awards demonstrate that the entire business is fully committed to delivering a shared goal, it is in every sense of the word, a team effort. It shows that the agency has the client’s vision and brand objective at the very core of what they do. The commitment and hard work required to achieve these objectives are non-negotiable, and this commitment runs throughout Field Sales Solutions from the management, the account and operational staff and the people in the field who are all going above and beyond, to get the job done.

A winning culture 

For employees and teams to be motivated they need to feel fully supported with the necessary access to resources in order to deliver results. For Field Sales Solutions to achieve this they have focused on a broad, yet sustainable investment in people and technology. Having empowered and motivated employees means being able to develop a full-service operation that gives clients seamless delivery across multiple field marketing disciplines, which in turn feeds a positive client ROI.

Continuous Professional Development

Awards of this calibre reflect that an agency is confident with the pace of change in the marketplace. The retail sector is constantly evolving, whether it's broadscale market change, new products,  different brands, updated technology, varied consumer thinking and behaviour, or even changes in the law. A significant portion of Field Sales Solutions’ internal investment is dedicated to the training and development of their teams. This ensures that every individual has the right mindset, knowledge and access to the resources required to be confident in fulfilling their role. 

Secure foundations

Field Sales Solutions is also focused on delivering an employee wellbeing strategy, which includes giving employees access to a wide range of confidential support services. The intention is for their employees to feel completely secure. A positive and healthy environment with a secure, motivated workforce has the highest productivity and retention rate. This is the foundation of great partnerships and the best possible opportunity for successful campaigns. 

When Field Sales Solutions win awards, and receive the accompanying acclaim and accolades, what is really being acknowledged goes far beyond the details of the particular award-winning campaign, it goes to the very root of the organisation. It reflects their dedication to their people, their focus on training and development, and their investment in the right resources. It tells a story of the real commitment involved in creating successful partnerships, and of the drive and determination on the part of the agency to deliver the best return on investment for their clients. 

Winning awards matters.

An award reflects so much more than just the trophy, it is an external measure of a business, its culture, and how its employees work together to deliver success.

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