Impact Field Marketing Group awarded several times for it CSR commitment


For several years, Impact Field Marketing Group has been involved in many CSR projects to involve its employees and all of its stakeholders in social and environmental issues that are part of the group's values.

"We believe that it is now impossible to think about economic performance without thinking about ecological and social performance. "

This year, Impact Field Marketing Group was recognized by Positive Workplace and Ecovadis for its actions and commitments to all of its stakeholders.

IFMG labeled 2 stars for its CSR by Positive Workplace

Positive Workplace is a French corporate social responsibility label created in 2020. The objective is to enable all companies, regardless of their level of maturity in terms of corporate social responsibility, to progress in their sustainable development strategy and to involve their stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers).

Last March, Impact Field Marketing Group launched its Positive Workplace labeling program. After 3 months of auditing with its customers, suppliers and partners, the group has become a Positive Workplace with a score of 2 stars! This score certified their consideration of CSR issues in the performance of their missions and in relations with all of their stakeholders.

The labeling took place in two stages: an assessment was carried out on internal practices, then surveys were sent to the main stakeholders: employees, customers and suppliers. The audit carried out focused on the sustainability in the exercise of their activities, the responsibility of governance, the development of human capital, the preservation of the environment, the impact of digital technology, the impact on the ecosystem and the territory. At the end of the survey, Impact Field Marketing Group was awarded a starred CSR report. The report also includes up to 30 recommendations from company stakeholders on proposed actions to take when they believe improvement is needed. For each recommended action proposal, the impact of the action is assessed as well as the budget and time for its implementation are specified.

Impact Field Marketing Group certified Ecovadis Platinum

EcoVadis provides comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) assessment services. EcoVadis ratings cover a wide range of extra-financial management systems, in particular the consequences of the following topics: environment, society and human rights, ethics and responsible purchasing. Each company is assessed on basic questions based on its size, location and department of activity. After carrying out the assessment, the company can compare its score with the benchmarking of its field of activity and make a detailed assessment. The points for improvement included in the evaluation report allow the company to enter a race for excellence to achieve best practices in all areas of activity.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Impact Field Marketing Group has assessed its CSR practices against the EcoVadis assessment. The group's CSR performance is once again rewarded with the following results:

- Obtained a score of 77/100

- Maintained an « advanced » CSR performance

- Received the platinum certification

Impact Field Marketing Group thanks all those who contribued to these awards and continue its commitments with the development of new projects for 2022.

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