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The EFMP group of agencies shares our expertise and experience with each other and this ensures that we are always pushing the boundaries of creative in-store demonstrations. 

In-store Demonstrations are a great way to engage with new and existing customers to create brand moments that are memorable to the customers. Each product and brand has a story to tell and shoppers like to hear these stories. The EFMP group of agencies use European market trends to create in-store demonstrations that form the basis of an integral marketing strategy, showcasing the benefits of products in unique and fresh ways.

EFMP partners share the latest advances in technology advocating real time (live) reporting on in-store activity, competitor activity, how retail staff engage with customers and stock level confirmation.

The aim of the EFMP is to create a hub of learning and development to ensure that all our partners know how to recruit, and train brand ambassadors to ensure they have the relevant skills and experience and that they truly represent the brands they work on. The In-store demonstrations focus on the essences of experiential marketing, appealing to the key senses – Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Tasting, Smelling. The output is experiential activities that provide the consumer with creative and memorable brand experiences. 


In-store demonstration can be used for a variety of reasons, some include: 
- Providing sampling and demonstrations for trial campaigns 
- Building awareness 
- Recording consumer feedback 
- Engaging and interacting with customers at point of sale 
- Educating and training store staff

The EFMP partners have an extensive on-line database of ambassadors, hostesses, and promoters as well as a programme for advanced training to handle any business challenge and deliver consistently successful campaigns to the very highest standards.

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Milka Successful instroe demostartion in The Czech Republic

PSfm Bugles campagne 2015

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