outsourced sales services

EFMP companies have drawn on years of combined experience to learn exactly how to drive sales. Sharing these insights to drive superior execution is at the very heart of the EFMP.

Represented across 20 European countries the EFMP hold frequent workshops covering a variety of topics to share market knowledge and insights between the partners, with the aim of delivering innovative, forward thinking solutions for our clients.

The knowledge gained is disseminated across all levels of our Partners' organisations. In addition, the EFMP, through our partners, also provides superior outsourced sales teams as an additional resource to our clients' own structures, as well as providing the skills and data to manage certain channels and sectors in total.

Image Our partners are experts at running complete sales set-ups, including recruiting, operating, coaching, training and development of sales teams. These teams can work on an ongoing (strategic) to a short-term (tactical) basis and are very target orientated, with a key focus on quality and customer service. 

The EFMP pride ourselves on providing the appropriate training and support to prepare retail sales staff to become the ideal brand ambassadors, and through this training, the ambassadors are able to educate and influence customers to buy.

We understand the benefit of dealing effectively with customers directly, not only does this increase brand awareness and build loyalty, but it delivers a significant ROI.

Our partner agencies are leaders in their respective markets and they have extensive experience across a broad spread of channels and sectors, and cover everything from business-to-business, business-to-consumer, hypermarkets and more.
The EFMP’s objective is to drive a culture of learning and development, so that our partners are able to drive product distribution, increase availability, and visibility, and ensure that our clients' products are displayed in the best possible way at point of purchase, through a variety of activities.

Some of these activities include: 

- Selling 
- Merchandising 
- Auditing 
- Compliance check & fix 
- Seasonal coverage 
- New product focus 
- Point of sale material placement 

Image Everything we do at the EFMP is to prepare our partner agencies to be the very best at effectively engaging customers, to increase brand awareness, build loyalty, and deliver a significant ROI.

Our active systemic sharing of knowledge ensures that the sales teams of our partner agencies are best prepared to operate at a superior level across a broad spread of channels and sectors and cover everything from business-to-business, business-to-consumer, hypermarkets and more.

The EFMP partnership aims to provide the highest level of sales expertise through knowledge-sharing and continuous learning and development. We aim to deliver best in class outsourced sales expertise. Get in touch to learn more.

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