merchandising auditing

The EFMP understand how important real-time impact of a brand's position in-store is. Using insights from market trends across 20 European countries the EFMP group of agencies are at the very forefront of providing training methods for short-term, or ongoing, audits of products, and their position within the stores. 

There are three main types of audits: 

Shelf audits
include ensuring that your product is available in-store, correctly sited and well dis-played. The EFMP share logistic strategies to ensure that there is sufficient stock holding and no “out of stock” signs, and that the products are correctly priced with the correct labels. 

Audits of promotions
include checking in-store signage, special display ads, the correct seasonal labels and pricing. Having the most rigorous and up-to-date sales training, our Partners' teams are skilled at checking sales-associates' training, awareness and compliance with in-store programmes. 

Audits of general appearance, presentation, cleanliness and store safety
Feedback on the overall store presentation is important. Merchandising audits cannot be conducted in a vacuum, the overall presentation has to be conducive to a positive customer experience. These insights can be tailored to the client’s requirements and the results will be reported back rapidly, often through real-time electronic transfer, for immediate client action. 

Our partners share their insights to allow the EFMP to leverage the best in class merchandising-auditing service capabilities get in touch today.

Merchandise Audit

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