product sales data reporting

EFMP recognise the value their field teams can bring to clients through real time reporting on product sales data. This level of insight and analysis are crucial in helping plan and implement competitive strategies.

Some of the reporting tools are discussed below in more detail:

Our Field Marketing Software (FMS) is a complete and advanced solution that allows us to plan, monitor and analyse all field-marketing activities. It is a smart & simple tool that helps improve the quality of surveys, ease of use for agents, tracks your agents and provides the necessary information, based on GEO (location).


Survey Tool is an advanced tool we use to easily create and edit questionnaires, allowing us to collect data through portable devices (mobiles and tablets) and get real-time tailor-made online reports. By creating a questionnaire, we can easily and quickly scan and make the necessary changes. The tool is based on the newest standards of HTML 5, which makes the tool extremely convenient and allows a high level of flexibility. The results of a survey are distributed to an online dashboard showing the exact figures and graphs relevant for a particular account. This dashboard, as well as reports, planning and GEO maps are directly accessible through a client login.

The Agent Tracker is a smart App that periodically stores the GEO-location of the agent in a local database on the smartphone and pushes the information to the centralised database of the project.

FMS provides real-time insight into the progress of the questionnaires, allowing quick response times if a situation requires immediate attention. All collected data is exportable to CSV or JSON format for further processing by external applications. We can collect responses from multiple channels simultaneously, such as e-mail, web, social media, enterprise, mobile or kiosk.

Extensive panel management includes demographic fields, contact fields and custom fields. We track who has responded and automatically send reminders. We identify important response patterns and receive automatic, real-time notifications that help us to act accordingly.

We use standard customisation tools to customize headers and footers of your report for a totally professional look. For example we could insert your project’s name, a copyright stamp, or a reminder of confidentiality. Customize your dashboards and reports with the addition of an image or your corporate logo so your report fully reflects your brand. We create customizable dashboards and reports by adding customized tables, graphs, texts or images. We create the report you desire.

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Shelf Track is the Product Sales Data Reporting Platform used in the Czech Republic

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