Drinks anyone? Option One is giving away HERBAPOL's tea and herbal drinks.


In August 2021, for the first time, Option One had the pleasure to work for Herbapol Lublin S.A. by conducting 5 weekend sampling campaigns in all of the most popular seaside resorts in Poland. Option One distributed samples of tea and herbal drinks which were launched in 2021 and awarded in consumer competitions (ie. Consumer's Laurel, Super Product of the Polish Women’s World Magazine). Samples were available in 4 tea flavors and 3 herbal flavors which, most importantly, were without any preservatives or sugar added. Numerous samples 0.3l each and several hundreds of branded covers designed for laptops were given away. Over a dozen of teams took part in the campaign. All previously planned locations were picked in close cooperation with the client, all together over 60 locations in the indicated towns (the most popular pedestrian routes, beaches, shops). Each team was equipped with sample carts, roll ups and outfits in the colors of promoted drinks. Option One agency was also responsible for proposing the design and completing/purchasing of all the necessary equipment. Despite the logistical difficulties (postponed action dates, changes of locations a few days before the start), the action went smoothly and without any problems. Our sampling campaign for Herbapol generated great interest of both, holidaymakers and residents. It was also very highly rated by the agency’s client as well. The idea, coming from the agency Option One, to include local store locations on the sampling venue’s list, as well as quick reaction and flexibility of our agency to changes in the schedule introduced by the client were received with particular appreciation and positive comments of the client. Thanks to this campaign, local representatives of Herbapol could also strengthen relations with the managers of local grocery stores.

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