PSFM take the Leffe Beer truck on tour


During the past year EFMP’s Dutch partners, PSfm, have been touring festivals with the Leffe Beertruck and creating the perfect "Leffe experience" for aficionado beer loving party goers at various festivals around Holland.

The Leffe Beertruck is a brilliantly designed and eye-catching fully operational bar that serves Leffes finest range of beers and comes equipped with Chesterfield couches to create the look and comfort of your favourite pub. Festival goers at Dauwpop, Breda Live, Festyland, Kannen en Kruiken and many other events have enjoyed a perfect glass of Leffe served by a team of highly trained PSfm beer specialists in relaxing surroundings.

In order to create the ultimate consumer experience, PSfm had to ensure they had expertly trained staff that could enthusiastically promote the product while running the bar in very demanding conditions. Leffe has a long history, great story and a wide range of beers, so along with AB InBev, PSfm trained a team of 14 beer specialists on everything they needed to know from the beer and its brewing process to hygiene and hospitality. Each festival required between 2 to 4  specialists to provide a memorable experience. 

PSfm have successfully managed the Beertruck at 24 festivals within the last 12 months and just finished a string of seven festivals in six weeks selling loads of Leffe beer. PSfm's great reporting system allows them to report back any vital data to AB InBev the following day, this allows them to act immediately and rectify any issues before the next festival. This fast response time has allowed PSfm to stay ahead of the game and allowed them manage festivals on consecutive weekends while consistently improving on their performance.

PSfm have found that there is a huge demand for speciality beer at festivals, peoples tastes are becoming more refined and they feel they deserve an affluential treat after the physical demands of a festival and they are lured in by the relaxed environment created by the stylish looking truck, comfortable couches and efficient staff which is in vast contrast to the mayhem around it. A true measure of your success in these circumstances is the turnout and no matter whether it was a music festival in Brabant or an arts festival in Amsterdam the Leffe area was always filled to capacity.

PSfm are now experienced campaigners when it comes to managing festival activations such as this and are well equipped to deal with the plethora of challenges and circumstances that festivals can throw at you. They have proudly staffed and managed the Leffe Beer truck for over a year and intend to do so for some time to come. PSfm are well placed to activate any brand at festivals and are always eager to roll up their sleeves and take on a challenge, get in touch today.

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