A day in the life of a Nespresso Project Manager


EFMP’s Dutch partner, PSfm, is the leading field marketing agency in Holland. This is a hard-won reputation that stems from their belief that field marketing is about creating unique, memorable experiences. Of course, the term experience means different things to different people and can be defined differently for each brand. In all cases however, it is about the perfect cohesion between a brand, their products or services, the employees, the sales channels and of course the customer. There is no magic formula for putting together the correct experience because an experience should be tailor-made for every brand.

PSfm’s daily activities for one such brand, Nespresso, revolve around translating the Nespresso experience to the Dutch consumer.

Faranak Taghavi, PSfm's Nespresso Project Manager shares some of her insights on what a perfect experience entails.

What are the key factors that you need to consider daily for your job?

My aim is to make sure everything translates perfectly into the shops. At PSfm we start with the experience and knowledge our employees have of Nespresso. It’s important for us to know how our people that work for Nespresso live their lives. How do they feel about their job? What makes their hearts beat faster? What do they want to learn and how do they want to learn it? Answering these kinds of questions allows us to keep adapting and improving our daily workflow. After all, customers will always keep changing and as such we have to adapt to their wishes, wants and needs. How do customers want to be approached? How do people communicate? How does the new generation learn? These are just some of the questions that we try to tackle on a daily basis. For us, answering these questions provides us with essential strategic knowledge that we, as a team, can put into practice to help promote Nespresso to our customers and provide the best learning journey for our advisors.

Nespresso is about special moments, what would you describe as the special moment of your job?

On behalf of Nespresso we organise the Year End Promotion Event (YEP) for all Coffee Advisors. Of course, we organise something befitting of Nespresso, and as such we go all out. The goal of these kind of events is simple: to inspire all employees to create the perfect Nespresso experience for all consumers. As a customer you want to be taken into the world of Nespresso, to dream away with your very own cup of Nespresso coffee. You want to close your eyes to the world and visualise yourself enjoying your expertly prepared cup of coffee. It is that one very special moment that we hope to let our employees experience for themselves during the events that we organise.

How would you describe your ideal Nespresso experience?

Experience cannot be described. There is no checklist or to-do list that we can tick off so that we can say “we have created an experience” at the end of the day. It is all about the greater picture so that consumers leave feeling fulfilled and that exact feeling is what experience is all about. That feeling is experience.

What’s the one thing you focus on when creating Nespresso experiences during the YEP?

We can confidently say that we have always managed to deliver the perfect Nespresso experience year after year. We are very particular when choosing the event location. We will look for a prime location that perfectly fits the look and feel of the promotion mechanisms every time. This way we create an omni-channel learning environment of sorts. We decorate the room so it matches the locations where our teams in the field actually work. The ultimate Nespresso Valhalla is thus created. From the moment people walk in to the event location we want to create that wow-effect, and by constantly surprising the attendees throughout the day, we strive to stimulate all their senses which relate to their appreciation of our delicious aromatic coffee. 

As our commercial director Jeroen Rijsdam always says: “If you cannot share then you cannot grow.” This is applicable to our team as much as to anyone else. Knowledge is crucial. Don’t just tell people to do something, but always tell them how and why you want them to do what they do. Talk to each other and exchange ideas and experiences. Inspire each other. They can teach us as much as we can teach them.

I am extremely proud of Nespresso, our team and our partners. But most of all I am proud of all of the Nespresso Coffee Advisors who all contribute to my experience.