Impact Field Marketing wins ‘’Action Co. 2018’’ Outsourced Field Sales Award.


Impact Field Marketing Group and its subsidiary, Impact Sales & Marketing, have reinforced their status as leaders in the outsourced field sales market by winning yet another Action Commercial Magazine Award in Paris, France. After being crowned in 2015 and 2017 for their outstanding Brown Forman and Puma campaigns, Impact Sales & Marketing won the Gold trophy for the Proxy Device Orangina Suntory, France, campaign, in the fresh drinks market.

The fresh drinks market is notoriously competitive and constantly evolving, which makes brand differentiation a challenge. Orangina Suntory, France, asked Impact Sales & Marketing to do the following; develop the visibility of their products, establish local business relationships, promote product positioning and to promote their brand's values.

It was decided to place MayTEA, an iced tea drink, that is well placed to meet the requirements customers are looking for in a beverage, at the heart of the campaign in order to attain these objectives.

Impact Sales & Marketing organized a dedicated commercial team of more than 20 people to promote the MayTEA brand in France. With its expert approach to point-of-sale targeting and market research, Impact Sales & Marketing then optimized in-store activations in nearly 4,000 stores.

Carefully selected for their relational qualities and expertise, each employee engaged for the operation completed a comprehensive training course and  specifically studied the commercial approach of their local stores. This tailored approach made it possible to better respond to the requirements specified by Orangina Suntory.. In particular, it made it possible to significantly increase the firm commitment of operators in-store and at the point of sale, particularly in terms of referencing, dual placement,  and the placement of merchandising material, as each member of staff was trained understand the process and to deliver the objectives set.

Impact Sales & Marketing created a unique database of Orangina Suntory outlets.  More than 5,000 points of sale were rated on certain criteria; both external criteria, for example  proximity to a metro station, and internal criteria, such as the presence of a snacking department. An analysis of the points of sale with regard to adherence to the objectives specified as well as a tally of the frequency of visits to the various outlets served as an indicator of the success of the campaigns. This performance analysis was monitored on a daily basis through the BI & Insight support Service, and Orangina Suntory reported improved results throughout the targeted distribution network.

Impact Sales & Marketing have now added another trophy to the EFMP’s impressive trophy cabinet and are  once again raising the standard to which the group of companies endeavour to adhere. This is yet another win for the EFMP group of companies as they strive to raise the bar they set themselves in providing quality services that outshine their competitors, as each member of the EFMP maintains their individual status as a leading field marketing agency within their (particular European country.