G7 becomes first Romanian agency to train its field associates through an interactive e-learning platform


The EFMP’s Romanian partners, G7, have launched an interactive online training platform to educate and train their employees. As we move from a traditional to a digital society the internet is changing the way we live, and inevitably, the way we learn. G7’s platform is based on innovative active learning methods and is used by more than 1,000 employees for training and developmental purposes. G7 is leading the way in Romania and is the first agency to adopt this engaging online learning method.

Learning methods are evolving with technology and one of the new methods that is becoming more and more popular is active learning, a way of learning in which the trainee becomes an active participant in the process. In active learning, students must do more than just read or listen, they are required to contribute during lessons and to provide feedback by way of group discussions or questionnaires, and they are actively engaged in solving problems. Instead of reading about helping a customer, employees can interact with a variety of virtual customer personas. This exposes them to common challenges which they may encounter in the real world so that they can gain practical experience.

Because of these potential benefits, G7 launched its online training platform for its employees, a platform that uses active learning at its core. This platform will eliminate the boredom element from the learning process, placing a strong emphasis on the visual elements by using various multimedia tools. The trainee will not be required to read endless blocks of text, as the courses will be interactive and will provide guidance and feedback at every step. Every training session will focus on the essentials and will not last longer than fifteen minutes. As it’s a web-based platform it is accessible 24/7 and trainees can simply pause the course and come back to it whenever they wish. G7’s customers can rest assured that any product developments or changes to strategy and process will be communicated instantly and effectively to all their field marketing agents, regardless of geographical locations.

G7 CEO Corina Chiorean states: “The launch of this platform represents a step into the future. With the launch of this platform, we make a step towards the digital transformation that we have planned for our company. We are prepared for the years to come and more confident that the future will not take us by surprise. Moreover, with this platform we significantly increase the quality of the training we offer to promoters, and this is an issue that challenges all companies in our industry. We are extremely enthusiastic about this platform and the feedback we received from our clients and our promoters is highly positive.”

With 20 years in the market, G7 is one of the top 5 advertising agencies in Romania in terms of revenue, having a stronghold in the offline brand engagement sector and by having built an integrated consumer experience approach for the connected world. The experience G7 have gained through implementing this ground-breaking interactive e-learning platform will be invaluable to other EFMP members, and the group as a whole will benefit as they look to implement similar ways of working.

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