Digital, retail and the customer’s mind are one


It’s no longer surprising that digital communication is integrated into almost all aspects of our lives. As such, as customers we are influenced by the ads that we see on different websites and apps as much as we are by outdoor exhibitions.

Integrating both the physical advertising and the digital into a seamless experience, treating it like a singular experience, leads on the path to success.

By coming in contact with hundreds of thousands of interested customers annually, we get to experience first-hand the changes in their behavior and how these changes impact the results of our strategic decisions.

At G7 we have taken the approach to serve two options – the full-fledged digital and the digital-to-offline, part of the omnichannel paradigm. The clients’ journeys are different and we want to meet their needs every step of the way. For this reason, we can separate the services into 3 packages or tiers. While they can be viewed as a transitional approach, they work perfectly well on their own too.

Some of the clients may just be starting off online. We wanted to bring their marketing up to speed and help create their ‘Digital Footprint’. Whatever the tool they need – be it website, app or social channel, we build, optimize and deploy it and place them in the driver’s seat.

Established brands often find themselves needing more leads and sales from online, which is served by our ‘Digital Conversion’ Package. These types of businesses are serviced by building a high-conversion funnel, setting up advertising on the appropriate channels and nurturing their leads for the long term.  We want our clients to have the security that their sales pipeline is always working in their favor and bringing new business.

For certain industries and clients, a thriving ‘Digital Community’ package, built on and for the long term further increases the campaign results. Through consistent high quality content on social media and engaging the audience through regular newsletters, we grow a healthy community where our client’s customer are the hero.

The first omnichannel practice deals with the way our clients create lasting relationships with their own customers. Called ‘Connected retail’, the services include loyalty management programs, offline lead capturing via physical systems and digital vouchers to rewarding the brand loyalty.

A pressing problem for BTL brands is getting engagement for their retail activations, which prompted us to create ‘Digital in-store promotions’. It nudges customers, through fine-targeted advertising, to engage with the brands during their shopping trips and give our clients’ products a go.

Since we started affirming that digital is ever-present into the customers’ life, it was only fitting to come back full circle. Through the third package, ‘Omnichannel activations’, we offer big, and small, brands a way to integrate user generated content from social media into their presence at offline events, like festivals and marathons, which, over the last few years have taken on a life of their own. 

 Given the current trend of digitalizing the offline experience, we will focus to support the clients in providing a more rewarding interaction for the end customer and keep them coming back for more.