Impact Field Marketing Group works with clients to create a positive Impact and a better, sustainable world


The EFMP’s French partners, Impact Field Marketing Group, have remained committed to a sustainable future and have recently improved on their corporate social responsibility (CSR) rating from EcoVadis. EcoVadis is a growing global platform whose mission is to improve sustainable business practices of companies worldwide. Impact Field Marketing Group have implemented various actions over recent years that has enabled them to improve on their already impressive certification in CSR. By implementing specific, concrete actions, Impact Field Marketing Group have responded to various environmental, social, responsible, purchasing and ethical issues. 

The EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment is an evaluation of how well a company has integrated the principles of CSR into their business and management system. The assessment considers a range of CSR issues, which are grouped into 4 themes: Environment, Labour Practices, Fair Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement. CSR issues are based upon international CSR standards such as the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Companies across the world are implementing CSR principles for reasons varying from environmental sustainability to increased productivity and profits. CSR principles enable companies to remain compliant with legal requirements and minimize negative impact on a company’s stakeholders by implementing anti-corruption management systems to prevent employees from getting into legal issues that may arise from any form of ethically questionable behaviour. Also, improving performance and their bottom line by setting objectives to reduce energy consumption costs, or implementing training programs to develop their human resources and thereby increasing efficiency and productivity are just some of the measures taken in this regard. Increasing transparency means that companies need to respond to environmental issues that are high on the agenda in almost all developed nations.

Impact Field Marketing Group have implemented concrete actions to strengthen their CSR approach to doing business. These actions included using an external consultancy to align their business with the General Data Protection Regulation for an ethical approach to data and their privacy policy.

They recently drafted an ethical Code of Conduct for employees with the aim of raising awareness on various important topics such as internal / external relations in companies, compliance with the law, corruption and disability. Optimized management of their fleet of vehicles is a powerful lever for reducing their environmental footprint. Through the acquisition of more efficient vehicles, IFMG reduces the carbon intensity of the vehicle fleet. In 2018, IFMG introduced hybrid vehicles for the first time. In addition, they act through a Green IT approach with an increased awareness of employees in the context of their activities and their daily lives. IFMG are committed to uplifting their community and create more than 2000 jobs per year in France and Belgium while committing to important associations and charities. The training of employees is what drives their social and economic growth. They use certified training organizations to ensure the development of employees through plans, methods and recognized training tools.

Having led by example; Impact Field Marketing Group are keen to work with clients to have a positive Impact and to create a better, sustainable world. 

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