Is your field team obsolete?


“No, absolutely not” is the answer - both in the short and in the long run. 

In these Covid-19 times many brands are looking at their business model and wondering – what is actually the value of having a field team? Perhaps the team is taken for granted and only seen it as a standard addition to sales cost. 

Big mistake!

Most brands are looking inwards right now, therefore market share points seem to be fairly cheep for brands that invest in their in-store presence and executions. Especially when research shows that 30% of shoppers, who are offered a second relevant option choose actually to buy it. Today brand preferences and loyalty are changing rapidly and the conditions for challenger brands to make giant leaps in the marketplace is there. 

What an opportunity for those ready to push forward!

In the pursuit of stronger market position the field team might be one of the most valuable assets you have. 

Why would anyone want to lose control of the brand promise at the most critical point in the purchase process – where the shopper decides whether to buy or not to buy. In retail shoppers can explore, evaluate, experience, and buy – all in the same environment. Why not capitalize on that and optimize the value created by the field team?

To be able to significantly increase the value created and thereby the productivity of your field team and the whole sales organization, you need:

* Full control of the channel landscape and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions

* Prioritization of resources and where to deploy them

* A clear line of sight between sales strategies and field teams operational executions

* Reduction of time wasted in planning, execution and documentation

* To turn insights into actions 

* Adaptive and fast reaction time through automated processes

SaleMate – the retail platform – allows you to do exactly that.

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