Belgian partner IMPACT Sales and Marketing launch strategic sales approach for tactical execution.


Due to the increase in demand of tactical FMCG sales executions, EFMP Belgian partner, IMPACT Sales and Marketing, Belux, has adopted a sales strategy called the Tactical Commando Sales Force Operations, that resembles that of a military operation, so precise is the planning, management and implementation of the set up.

IMPACT has worked with a number of household names that include Guylian- chocolate; Roger & Roger-chips; Heinz- sauces and spreads; Wessanen- bio-products; General Mills- cereals, biscuits and Eurial Capra – cheese to name a few who have benefits from this is string strategic approach to tactical delivery.

The approach:

In response to their clients’ demands, IMPACT recruited 2 ad hoc Sales Teams with 4-6 sales reps in each team. Team members were rigorously trained in sales techniques as well as in information about the client’s products. The reps were each provided with a company car, and with a computer tablet equipped with a “MyImpact” mobile app for data capturing in the field. Capturing the data in the field meant that the data was available in real-time, and clients could log onto the IMPACT web platform to access all the information about the strategy being employed and to see what stage of the process has been reached. The planning procedure undertaken by the reps, their visit reports, and in-store photos are all accessible to the clients in real time and they are also able to navigate to an instant tailor-made dashboard showing the progress of sales results during the full sales period. 

The results:

The completion of the various sales drives generally yielded good results in terms of re-introduction of missing sku’s which resulted in a gain in distribution capacity; there was increased visibility of products on shelves, including better product facing and positioning on shelves; and better order-taking processes of promo actions and promo-displays sell-in were instituted. 

These results demonstrated the value of having a well-orchestrated, informed, and co-ordinated strategy executed by well-trained teams, with the added benefit of real-time client oversight and input, to positively influence product sales.

One example of how the Tactical Commando Sales Force Operations process worked successfully is that of the operation that IMPACT conducted for Guylian chocolates.                                                                       

IMPACT set up a commando sales initiative in October 2021, which involved organising an ad hoc sales drive. Well-trained Sales Force teams were required to visit 300 Carrefour stores in the Belgium and Luxembourg area for a period of 2 weeks. The main objective was to convince the stores to order display stands of Guylian chocolates to be in place by week 45 of the current year, in time for the festive season. The goal was to have a minimum of 120 stands on display. The initiative was deemed to be successful, with the Sales Force Teams achieving a successful conversion rate of 42%, resulting in a satisfied client. 

After debriefing, Guylian expressed their satisfaction and signed up for the operation to be implemented again for 3 periods during 2022. 

IMPACT, BeLux, found that most of their clients who had experienced one or more Tactical Commando Sales Operations this year were keen to repeat the process next year.

The demand for a strong strategic plan for tactical execution is evident and from the results the Tactical Commando Sales Force Operations, set up and implemented by IMPACT is a smart solution to meet the growing demands of a competitive market.

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