2020 in review – Poland’s Option One perspective


Looking at the statistical data coming from the Government Institute of Statistics (GUS), it is estimated that in Poland, retail sales figures dropped by 3,5% (January-August 2020 yr/yr).  The equivalent data for 2019 showed an increase of 5,9%.  The GDBP followed a surprising trend of falling down by 9% in the second quarter of 2020, only to bounce back in the third quarter by 7,8%, which was caused by a delayed shopping activity.

Option One is a field marketing company strongly focusing on supporting clients in fields of computer electronics, communications, home entertainment and household appliances. Therefore, we have experienced a fairly small, or rather close to zero impact in these areas of business.  In fact, we sell more for our clients’ IT brands products than ever before; 2020 was clearly exceptional with a complete wipe out of internet communication and home entertainment supporting devices such as cameras and TVs.  

These increased sales were additionally enabled by restructuring and running highly engaged and passionate teams, of whom we are very proud.  

Intense panic buying by Polish people turned out to be supportive of field marketing services and kept them running, with the exception of during the lockdown periods.  

These measures have been handled however, in an excellent manner by the whole Option One team. We have taken this on as just another coordination challenge.  To keep our teams motivated, not only did we support them in filling out all necessary paperwork to receive governmental financial support, but also redesigned their jobs to allow them to work from home as sales people.

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