An EFMP collaboration helps launch Spanish cosmetics ISDIN in Italy


Settimo Piano, the Italian partners of EFMP, have been working closely with Spanish cosmetics brand ISDIN to enhance its presence in the Italian market. The collaboration is made possible by the EFMP network and its synergy with EFMP Spanish partners, Grupo A.

ISDIN is a leading Spanish company in dermatology that is dedicated to providing high-quality photoprotection products for all skin types. The company has had a subsidiary in Italy for over 12 years, supplying over 1600 pharmacies. Italy is one of the five most important markets for the ISDIN brand and this bond was further strengthened by the new initiative between the two EFMP partners.

As part of the collaboration, Settimo Piano and Grupo A joined forces to deliver the new ISDIN Christmas campaign. Grupo A facilitated the introduction between the brand and their Italian partners, while Settimo Piano was responsible for the implementation of the project and adapting it to the characteristics of the Italian market.

The Christmas campaign primarily focused on merchandising activity that involved the participation of 100 pharmacies across the country. Settimo Piano was responsible for the distribution of materials and to provide the support required for the proper installation of totems and window displays.  The objective of the campaign was to capture consumers’ attention and to educate them on the benefits of the ISDIN sunscreen products, with the aim of increasing sales.  The team monitored the work through video calls and remote support and collected feedback from the merchandisers, and this information was collated into a report for the client.

Barbara Daolio, the project manager of Settimo Piano, supervised the development of the entire campaign and said that it was an "engaging initiative" and a great opportunity for their first international experience. She was motivated and excited to work with their Spanish colleagues and is looking forward to a new collaboration in the future.

Following the success of the Christmas campaign and the increased levels of customer satisfaction, the decision has been made to renew the agreement and to continue this collaboration by expanding the process to include  more pharmacies throughout Italy. 

The collaboration between EFMP Partners, Settimo Piano in Italy, and Grupo A in Spain and the ISDIN brand is a great example of how, thanks to the opportunities presented by membership of the EFMP, international partnerships can deliver expert local knowledge to boost sales and grow  a brand in a new market in a different country. 

We look forward to posting an update in the Spring on how this campaign has progressed.

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