Avonmore and FMI: 16 Years of Unmatched Milk Distribution in Ireland


Ireland has solidified its position as one of the largest milk producers in the world with an impressive 8.7 billion litres produced a year.  The Irish dairy sector continues to set the benchmark as it aims to establish Ireland as a global leader in the development of high-value, environmentally sustainable dairy.  And it's not just production where the Irish excel - they're also among the top 10 countries worldwide for milk consumption. 

To help meet this demand, EFMP Irish partner, FMI have spent the last 16 years ensuring that the premium milk brand in Ireland, Avonmore,  remains fully stocked across retailers in Ireland. 

Delivering fresh milk to over 262 national retail outlets, up to three times a day, is a complex and challenging task. Moreover, the milk market has undergone significant changes over time, with new products, like protein milk, emerging. Despite these challenges, FMI has adapted, and manages an impressive 54 SKUs, ranging from protein milk to oat milk. This is a testament to their expertise in navigating a highly competitive market, where even minor changes in supply and demand can have major implications.

The FMI team, consisting of 350 team members, actions over 150,000 hours of brand support a year, and merchandise approximately 63 million litres of milk a year. 

FMI is proud to provide Dunnes, Ireland's leading retailer, with a complete stock and order management solution. The FMI team works  tirelessly to ensure that the store has full stock availability, and process over 700 orders every week. They manage stock levels meticulously to avoid waste and maintain consistent availability for customers. 

Despite the challenges posed by a competitive and volatile labour market, FMI has demonstrated an enviable ability to retain its supervisors and brand representatives for the renowned Avonmore brand. These professionals have been serving the company with their expertise for an average of 12 years for the supervisors, and 4 years for the brand representatives. This is a testament to the positive and supportive work culture fostered by FMI. By investing in human resources and promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity, FMI has created a workforce that is not only loyal but also motivated to deliver exceptional results.

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