COVID-19, a turning point for the field marketing industry in Spain


COVID-19 has brought uncertainty to the Spanish economy and has been a major drawback for businesses in the field marketing industry. The standstill of all ‘face-to-face’ services, together with the comprehensive safety and hygiene measures that from now on will be necessitated, will entail a turning point in the industry that will change the field marketing game forever. 

This is the view of EFMP Spanish partner, Grupo A, as they emerge from the lockdown imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating consequences in Spain. 

 So, as Spain slowly unravels and makes its way towards the ‘new normal’, in Grupo A, they are already thinking about reshaping their future. Aware that for their business, the ‘new normal’ will probably mean a consumer-client direct interaction without  ‘face-to-face’ contact, they are planning on new ways to adapt  themselves to these sudden challenges without, in any way, damaging their clients’ trust.

While keeping an eye on what sometimes looks like an uncertain future, Grupo A have decided to focus on the present. Having been submerged in the COVID-19 crisis, Grupo A's field teams have been busier than ever providing for their supermarket clients.  They have gone to great lengths in their efforts, and have focused on replenishing stock, assembling shelves, and redesigning the aisles.  Grupo A teams have come through, to give of their very best when they were needed the most.  This attitude was displayed most prominently in their association and successful interaction with the DIA Group, a Spanish food retailer network. 


At the beginning of the year Grupo A started the “Roll-Out” campaign, a project with the DIA Group. The contract involves rearranging the entire store layout of the designated DIA stores. This means: withdrawing products from the shelves, assembling the new shelves and providing them with new product, and the arrangement and redesigning of the aisles. 

This addition to the initial workload was further exacerbated by the rapid spread of COVID-19 amongst the Spanish population in March, which resulted in the two-month national lockdown and the subsequent high demand for supplies in supermarkets. Grupo A teams were, therefore, put under increased pressure to perform well in order to ensure that clients and consumers have a full complement of stock throughout the day. 

Of the 2,205 DIA marketplaces in Spain, which were scheduled for modification in compliance with Covid 19 requirements; Grupo A have been engaged with those in the Catalan region, where they deploy between 6-9 teams and more than 80 merchandisers a day. Grupo A are exceptionally proud of their workforce, who have not only managed to successfully fulfill the ambitious initial objectives set, but have also shown tremendous adaptability to meet the new challenges presented as a result of the Corona crisis.


Grupo A maintain that COVID-19 will inevitably change the future of field marketing, but the presence of the virus has also obviously affected the ongoing projects during this pandemic.  They found that they had to quickly adapt to provide  their workers with a secure, safe and clean work space, and to guarantee  their clients continued high-quality service, in order to meet both  their standards own high and those of their clients. 

The first important measure taken in this regard, was for Grupo A  to pair up with Grupo Totseriman, a company specializes in industrial cleaning and maintenance. With their help  they disinfected all  the working places under their control; a step they  considered to be vital to appease both  workers and clients alike. The second step,  which was equally  important, was to supply  their teams with the right equipment: gloves, hydroalcoholic gel hand sanitizers, masks, and goggles/ shields. Once  this was put in place, Grupo A felt assured that  their  teams could operate  safely  and would be in a position to  provide their usual efficient  service.


Grupo A, as an organization, wishes to acknowledge and thank all their employees for the way in which they have faced, and are continuing to face, such an  unprecedented challenge, and for working so diligently during these difficult times. They sincerely congratulate all their teams for their continued effort and professionalism in this time of pandemic. 

A Grupo A spokesperson said it best; “ Delivering a good service in a tough context adds especial merit to its success. Our field workers are our major pride and thanks to their persistence, we have been able to  successfully continue our work during this crisis.”

Very well done to them all.

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