CrossCall use EFMP members to expand through Europe


The EFMP’s Belgian partners, Europromotion, are working with CrossCall to bring their unique, waterproof, mobile, Action Smartphones to the Belgium-Luxemburg region. CrossCall mobile phones are designed for the outdoor enthusiast and are suited to difficult and unpredictable environments (water, rain, wind, humidity, dust, shock …) encountered by athletes and field professionals.

CrossCall, a French based company, are the creators of the outdoor mobile technology market. The success of the company has enabled them to expand beyond the French borders into Europe. EFMP agencies have successfully launched and promoted CrossCall in France and Italy, and now Europromotions is bringing the hardy phone to Belgium.

To grow their footprint in the Mobile Phone Market within Europe, CrossCall partnered with Impact Sales & Marketing in France to set up and manage a permanent, dedicated field force in the Retail Electro and B2B channel. Settimo-Piano successfully managed a similar campaign in Italy earlier in the year. In September CrossCall looked to penetrate into the Be-Lux (Belgium-Luxemburg) market and, understandably, decided to partner with another EFMP agency, Europromotions.

Europromotions' strategy in Belgium-Luxemburg,  is similar to that used in France,  and that is to increase CrossCall sales by continuously improving the product knowledge of retail staff, and by encouraging them to become real brand advocates, as well as by recommending CrossCall to the defined target groups.

Europromotions achieved this by setting up a CrossCall Field Force of 4 Sales professionals (that) who are passionate about the consumer electronic market and about the CrossCall brand and ethos. With the support of their EFMP partners and by the use of their training and advocacy programmes, Europromotions Field Promotors were able to visit all targeted Electro stores in Belgium-Luxemburg in order to assess CrossCall's positioning in-store, and to ensure  that all staff were informed, engaged and excited to sell CrossCall products and to increase brand awareness.

Europromotions provided CrossCall with a dedicated, tailor-made CRM system which was a simple extension of the data capturing platform already used by Impact Sales & Marketing in France. They also built a web-based visual analytic dashboard to enable CrossCall to monitor, in real time, the field performance against defined KPI’s, and to deliver actionable insights of what happens in the field in France as well as in the Be-Lux market. This solution and approach enables CrossCall to have a uniform and integrated way of working across different European countries, and enables them to have a global Belgium-France-Luxemburg view of the field planning, performance and results, as well as being able to drill down into the detail of operations by country, retailer and  at store level.

Thanks to the success of CrossCall's field force operations in Belgium-Luxemburg and the uniform approach in France and Be-Lux, CrossCall would now like to have Europromotions extend the campaign to all CrossCall consumer Electro stores in Belgium-Luxemburg.

Once this Team in Belgium is fully operational, the next priority will be to extend the same approach and solution to the Netherlands, and afterwards to other European countries. In other words, a great future opportunity for all EFMP-partners.

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