EFMP French partner, IFMG, collaborate with Demooz to facilitate ‘Try before y


EFMP French partner, Impact Field Marketing Group, collaborate with Demooz to facilitate ‘Try before y

Nowadays, the customer experience is more important than ever.  Brands must re-invent themselves by means of innovation and digitalization. In this new phase of limited social interaction, in order to remain relevant, Brands must still have the capacity to be in the customer’s line of sight. Given the current situation, because of restrictions imposed as a result of Coronavirus, this could present something of a challenge. However, IFMG feel that we are all living a moment of truth which prompts us to show a great capacity for adaptation.

For IFMG, brand activation has never been more important because of the stakes involved regarding business viability as well as the need to satisfy the demands of customers.  They have found that during this time of uncertainty clients are looking for the security of the interaction between themselves, the product and the brand promoter/ambassador when shopping.

IFMG is known as an expert of the client experience. The company has always encouraged a spirit of innovation and a constant attempt is made to find the services best suited to their customers. To do this sometimes means engaging the relevant professional for the job at hand, and this gives IFMG the opportunity and privilege of being able to collaborate with partners who create value. Their alliance Demooz, is a case in point. 

 A couple of months ago, IFMG linked up with a French start-up company called Demooz, who provides a technical platform and is dedicated to organizing high tech product demos for consumers. 

IFMG were quick to realize that, from a business perspective, a well-organised home product-demo would allow them to:

- Assess the process in terms of their metrics and share the experience in real time with the customer community.

- Maximize the visibility of the product and stress the client commitment to customer and Brand.

Realising that before buying, the customer needs to be reassured on capacities, use of product, and unique value compared to competition, IFMG decided to create a new way for their client, LG, to enable their customers to experience their products. 

The strategy was simple, create a brand-new experience:  initiate an online and in-store service whereby a promotional video featuring an LG product being demonstrated by a Brand Ambassador to a group of potential LG customers, is filmed and streamed in real time in-store and online.  This has the effect of enabling the customer to gain important product information and to witness the product in action, which, judging by IFMG’s positive endorsement of the process would appear to have had the desired effect for their client, LG.

According to IFMG, the digitalization of the customer experience has to be perceived as a way to improve Brand promotional performance and to improve the customer experience of the Brand.  It is their view that whether  this type of innovative technological strategy is used as a lever for growth, a vector  for the management of change or an axis of improvement of the customer relationship, the customer experience will depend on the strategy implemented by the Brand.

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