EFMP’s Dutch partner PSfm’s Sustainability Successes


Sustainability is a broad concept which incorporates huge issues for the earth, such as societal wellbeing, climate change, global warming, and carbon footprint; but in short, it means that the people, the environment and the economy are in balance, so as to preserve the resources of our planet. 

That life on our Blue Planet should be sustainable is a worthy ideal indeed and much has been said on the subject, from blogs and Linked-in commentaries to scientific reports, television documentaries and academic debates; to the extent that now it is a subject that is seriously on-trend. 

In today’s world, spurred on by the buy-in of the millennials and Gen Z, who are avid advocates of the concept, “Sustainability” has become a trendy topic. It is not only the right thing to do, it is super cool too.  This outlook is affirmed by the many celebrities (Stella McCartney and Leonardo di Caprio to name just two) who are using their celeb status to highlight sustainability issues. 

And don’t leave business companies out of the equation. While manufacturers are being challenged to reflect on this important topic and to comply with international sustainability targets set, brands are also considering their sustainability contribution. This is where EFMP’s Dutch partner, field marketing agency,PSfm comes into the picture. Aware of the privilege they have of working with fantastic premium brands, PSfm likes to work with their clients to think of relevant brand- specific sustainability options for the brands that they represent, while at the same time incorporating these sustainability measures into their marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and appeal.

‘Disposing of the disposables’ has long been a problem in our throw-away society, dating back to when disposables were first introduced. The question, with landfills at capacity and land at a premium, has always been, ‘What to do about it?’

Well, let’s take a look at a few examples of what PSfm have achieved in the sustainability sphere in this regard.

For their client, ABinBev, they use ‘Can Crushers’ to recycle the steel, tin and/or aluminium used in the manufacture of the beer cans and so reduce can wastage by a massive 70%. And another PSfm client, Nespresso, uses recycled coffee capsules for the manufacture of potato peelers. In addition to which, Nespresso constructed a bicycle out of 300 recycled coffee capsules to make the recycling point!

PSfm hold themselves equally accountable in the sustainability stakes; they reuse promotional materials saving items from one promotion for reuse at a later stage; they make a point of purchasing recycled cups, packaging and even clothing. In terms of managing their carbon footprint, they constantly focus on efficient planning in terms of the destination to be reached, and the people and goods to be transported, in order to ensure that, when travel is required, they keep the distance of kilometres travelled as low as possible. PSfm also note with pride that through their collaboration with the EFMP, they can also reuse promotional material outside of the Netherlands.

All of which serves to demonstrate, yet again, the value of the EFMP partnership in the sharing of knowledge and information, marketing principles and practice.

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