Experience Kaltbach’s Unique ‘In-Cave’ Cheese Refinement Process - with USP Partner's In-Store Marketing.


EFMP Swiss partners, USP Partner AG, recently had the opportunity to deliver an in-store activation for Kaltbach by Emmi, a Swiss cheese brand that is known for their unique cheese processing techniques. The Kaltbach cheese processing method is unparalleled in the world, thanks to their in-cave finishing technique that involves special maturing methods and individual care. Only the best cheeses are selected by the cave masters, who rely on their experience and instinct to determine which cheeses are chosen for processing and to determine the perfect ripening time for each cheese.

Kaltbach's cave extends several kilometers underground and was formed more than 22 million years ago. Its natural conditions, including constant humidity and temperature, contribute to the unique taste of the cheeses they process. All of their cheeses are refined in the cave and are made from the finest Swiss milk. The result is the best Swiss cheese with a characteristic aroma that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

The objective of the marketing activation was to immerse consumers in the creative process of the Emmi Kaltbach brand that not only educates them on the finishing techniques employed, but gets them excited about the quality and taste of the different types of cheese that are processed in the Kaltbach cave.

To achieve this, USP Partner AG created a stand that was a convincing imitation of the impressive sandstone cave in Kaltbach, and where consumers could not only taste and purchase the finest types of cheeses directly from the stand, but could also participate in a virtual tour and inspection of the well-known cave in Kaltbach, by the use of virtual reality.

USP Partner AG was responsible for the entire project management of the initiative, from the creative concept and development to the implementation of the brand presence by the construction of a large stand instore. They also ensured that all promoters were fully trained on the Kaltbach brand.The promoters encouraged consumers to go to the virtual reality cave experience in the POS area   and ensured active sales of Kaltbach products by providing professional advice to shoppers.

This unique promotion was delivered across 10 different Coop locations throughout Switzerland. Through their attention to detail and careful planning, USP Partner AG created a unique and immersive experience for shoppers with which they were also able to boost sales at the same time. They were able to bring the Kaltbach brand to life and to get people excited about their high-quality cheese.  

The consumer feedback on the overall marketing project as well as the brand experience, was extremely positive. Michu, the Kaltbach cave master, who is featured in the Emmi advertisement, was impressed with the successful staging, and gave it his stamp of approval by taking a picture of it on-site.  So altogether a very successful outcome for USP Partner AG and their customer Emmi.

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