Field marketing: direct sales with French flair


EFMP French partner, Impact Field Marketing Group (IFMG), see the direct sales approach as the lever of sales performance of tomorrow.

It is no secret that businesses around the world have been re-organising in order to accommodate to the post-Covid reality. The trick is to do this, firstly, and most obviously, by conforming to the health and safety regulations as stipulated by the World Health Organisation and the Government of the country as advised by their medical scientists, to protect company employees and consumers alike. The second aspect is to develop the business along new lines by playing to one’s strengths. 

IFMG sees this as going back to the basics of field marketing by concentrating on the direct marketing aspect of their business, but to do this in an omni-channel format. 

The lockdown put the consumer habits of French people into perspective.  By analyzing what and how people are conducting their purchases, IFMG have discovered and made note of some new consumer buying patterns which have emerged. These new habits have pushed brands to reinvent themselves, to digitalize and thus to become omni-channel.

Due to Covid-19, a new way of living and shopping has become apparent. Online shopping has increased, and the vision of brands has changed, and significantly, digitalization is growing. More shoppers are now open to new customer experiences and interactions, and purchase products in store, online and at home.

Therefore, with this in mind, IFMG offers a multi-channel and flexible solution pertaining to the direct sales component of the company.

Direct sales, known as "door-to-door", “face-to-face”; or "B to B", “business-to-business” sales, is a personal interaction distribution channel in full expansion.  It involves a privileged and close interaction and relationship with the customer, whether the meeting is physical or virtual. 

The health crisis has not stopped this constantly evolving channel from being either discovered, or re-discovered in its new format, by consumers and companies. It  was necessary that the mechanism of direct sales undergo a new configuration,  which is why IFMG adapted to the new situation and proposed multi-channel solutions that respond to these new challenges: direct sales to consumers on different dynamic markets (B2B, B2C, corner shop, office/ social gathering  sales, home sales).

IFMG have ascertained that consumers are now inclined to expect more product-related experiences and interactions, and more online advice to be available during the sales process and 31% are interested to use video and chat platforms to interact with brands  and retailers. Also, interestingly, 6 out of 10 consumers indicated that they will continue to shop online after COVID 19 is over. IFMG are keen to maximize this interest and to this end they will host a webinar (in French) about the domain of direct sales on Thursday, October 8th 2020, where experts in various fields will offer their insights on the topic.

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In this post-Covid reality adaptation is key, and Impact Field Marketing Group are doing so in a way that best suits their business, face-to-face interaction and client relationship building through the direct sales approach.

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