Field Sales Solutions deliver 'The Italian Job' - Driving Distribution of Peroni in Style for Asahi UK


EFMP UK partner, Field Sales Solutions embrace Italian flair as they set about creating a campaign to develop new outlets and enhance distribution of Peroni products for their client, Asahi UK. 


Their challenge was to create a campaign that was different, that was cutting edge – that was on brand!  In the words of  Asahi UK brand marketing director, Jo Spencer, “Peroni has the credibility to (be able to) behave differently and command a premium in the category”, and they wanted to create a launch that would be remembered and make retailers proud..

The goal, in practical terms, was to visit over 6,000 independent stores and convenience outlets from June – September ( during theCovid19 pandemic) with the overall objective  of gaining NEW Distribution points,  as well as launching Peroni in a Can.  Another major objective was to  install  ‘pop up’ semi-permanent ‘chiller’ cooling units in premium independent convenience outlets across the UK. 

Everything had to be .high-end. Each outlet visited was graded via a  pre-arranged points system and if their results were satisfactory, they qualified to have a ‘chiller’ unit installed. The  main aim of the activity was to ensure that brand sales were optimised. This was done by increasing distribution channels, the use of effective merchandising techniques, the incremental use of product displays, and by in- store  brand activity through branded ‘chiller’ installations.  Compliance with Covid protocols, and retailer engagement and reward were additional criteria factored into the process.

The challenge Field Sales Solutions faced was to deliver all of this… Peroni style!


They launched a 3-phase activity that would see Peroni in a Can launched, Peroni Coolio chillers installed  , and new distribution points for other ASAHI brands established; and a true Italian, ‘Grazie Mille’, Reward system initiated.

What set this campaign apart were 4 key factors:

1. A robust outlet selection process, 

2. Use of best in class technology including augmented reality visualisation tools

3. Coolio Chiller units, which were on brand, slimline, and perfect for the channel and for delivering optimal stand-out in-store to drive sales - ‘se non fa freddo non viene venduto’!!...  which means, ‘if it’s not cold, it’s not sold!’  

4. And,  last but not least, an expert, brand passionate and fully informed  team, sporting the brand logo, to drive sales and advocacy in every store they called on.

Adding  an extra shot of Peroni Magic was..No problemo! Using an especially sourced fleet of retro red, white and green Fiat 500’s (all Peroni branded!)  their team of sales experts were  driven in convoy to the stores  which had been awarded the chiller units. This was to thank them for their promotion of the Peroni brand  and to  present them with an official ‘Peroni Stockist’ certificate.

 “It was like nothing I’ve experienced before! Loved the Italian cars, and I love the chiller unit; my customers all say it looks great in my shop.”(Keyham Local, W2 5UH)

And…The results speak for themselves!

Not only was this a distribution drive with a difference, the results were outstanding, with Field Sales Solutions achieving a 212% ‘ chiller’   buy- in and placement  which was significantly in excess of  target set.

The team also exceeded the target number of NEW distribution points across all Asahi skus.  They sited over 4500 POS Barkers, to advertise the products, and gained over 2000 incremental brand facings!

Not only  was Field Sales Solution PROUD of the results, the  retailers and client  were delighted too…

 “Now, customers notice the chiller the moment they walk in the store and I’m selling more as a result. Overall, I think I’ve had a 50% increase.” (Londis, BR4 9JF).

“Just to say thank you for your team’s efforts during the Peroni Chiller implementation. This is truly a fantastic achievement! I have to say I was even doubting whether it would be possible to get so many units out into trade, not only that but the right type of outlet. Thanks again!” Charlie Hart, Key Account Manager

This was no ordinary distribution drive; this was The Italian Job...Field Sales Solutions Style, and they did it with panache!

In the UK Field Sales Solutions has an award winning, data driven approach that unlocks sales and delivers best-in-class field marketing campaigns.

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