Field Sales Solutions ensure that their processes put their people first.


The EFMP’s UK partners, Field Sales Solutions, truly believe that people are their greatest asset and they clearly demonstrate this through their actions. Field Sales Solutions represent some of the leading brands in the world and are responsible for driving their growth instore; it is therefore paramount for Field Sales Solutions employees to be committed, fully engaged and competent in their work. For this reason, Field Sales Solutions have implemented great systems, processes and policies as key foundations upon which they look to build the personality of the company and its culture.

One such process Field Sales Solutions specialise in, and are particularly proud of, is their management of TUPE transitions. TUPE, or Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment ,protects employees if the company for which they work  changes hands, and ensures that  the employees’  terms and conditions of employment with the new company are similar to what they were with their previous employers; to the extent that it is almost as if their contracts had originally been made with the new employer. TUPE applies during ‘relevant transfers’ which include both business or service provision transfers, and includes everything from mergers, sales of businesses and changing of contractors, to franchisee licence changes. TUPE is applied daily to an enormous number of different business transactions and thus affects thousands of people in the UK every year. Knowing when and where TUPE applies and working through the entire process is a highly complicated task and requires a real understanding of the associated laws and a compassion for the people involved.

The detail of the regulations governing TUPE are complex and technical and they encapsulate everything from the legalities of the process, its administration, process and project management, to the Human Resources aspect, and thereby, to what is ultimately the employee’s welfare and wellbeing. Field Sales Solutions have actioned hundreds of TUPE transfers both into and out of their company. New team members attend a pre-launch in order to reassure them and to provide them with visibility of the organisation and orientation to new ways of working. The next few months are spent nurturing, encouraging and demonstrating positive behaviour towards the teams in order to expose them to the company culture and to embed them into the organisation. Teams are then given clear instructions around ‘how’ they are to engage in their new roles and ‘what the approach should be with regard to actions that they are required to take in-store. A robust training and development strategy is critical and drives team performance while unlocking potential, driving innovation and evolving the skill and mindset of every team member. Field marketing practises are constantly evolving due to technical advances and changing retailer landscapes, it is therefore imperative to ensure that all team members are ‘fit for purpose’, and Field Sales Solutions ensures that they are by taking them on this journey.

Field Sales Solutions have proven themselves to be experts in this field, having successfully managed over 250 people through TUPE transitions in the last 3 years alone. Field Sales Solutions have a dedicated HR team and a Central Operations Manager who, between them, ensure that all aspects of the process are managed efficiently. A seamless transition minimises disruptions and maintains productivity which ultimately benefits all parties involved and ensures that things keep running efficiently. Field Sales Solutions have the personnel, structures, expertise and proven track record that set them apart when managing TUPE transfers.

For Field Sales Solutions, the key to TUPE lies simply in ensuring that they put ‘the people’ at the heart of everything they do. Communication is the key; right from the get-go, from the pre launches where they talk about everything concerning the business, to the roles of the people who work there, to their amazing beProud culture. The aim is to make sure that employees feel excited, welcomed, informed and re-assured. Field Sales Solutions encourage, support and help every individual staff member by means of this regular communication and on-going support. They do this because they see the value in the process and because they recognise that change can be scary, so they do everything in their power to make any transition a positive and productive step for everyone involved. 

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