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In September 2022, Field Sales Solutions, valued UK partner of EFMP, joined forces with the Impact Field Marketing Group (IFMG), a premier European organisation that specialises in a range of cutting-edge solutions including in-store, out-of-home, experiential, and digital services - all of which are designed to drive brand sales. The acquisition by IFMG has enabled Field Sales Solutions to expand its service offerings to its clients, providing them with an even broader range of innovative ideas and proven products to help them achieve their marketing goals.

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, companies must remain nimble and adaptable to stay ahead of the curve. As such, businesses and brands are constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to connect with their target audiences and increase their sales. With the wider capabilities of the Impact Field Marketing Group, Field Sales Solutions is uniquely positioned to help its clients achieve their marketing ambitions in exciting new ways, leveraging new technologies, channels, and  broader reach.

By becoming a part of the Impact Field Marketing Group, Field Sales Solutions has unlocked new opportunities for collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and enhanced ways of working. This can result in improved outcomes and the adoption of best practices, all of which are critical to achieving success in the field marketing sector. As a key tenet of the Group's mission, extensive expertise is shared with client partners to ensure they receive valuable insights and added value.

Impact Field Marketing Group has emerged as a significant player in the field marketing industry across Europe and Field Sales Solution is proud to form part of this group, as it allows for increased investments in client partnerships, personnel, and processes. Even amid economic uncertainty, existing and prospective clients can trust in Field Sales Solutions' continued commitment to their success.

While remaining an independent entity, Field Sales Solutions now benefits from the added specialism, services, scale, and stability offered by the Impact Field Marketing Group. This translates to an even broader range of field sales solutions for brand partners, ultimately leading to increased sales and sustained growth.

Jean-Dominique Castellani, the CEO of Impact Field Marketing, expressed his excitement over the acquisition, stating that it perfectly aligns with their vision for the future of IFMG. As a pan-European organisation with omnichannel expertise, they are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions that support the strategies of their clients. With the addition of Field Sales Solutions, they are ready to move forward as a united force in Europe and the UK.

This partnership forms a formidable business that prioritises collaboration, innovation, and expertise, offering businesses the tools and resources needed to thrive in today's fiercely competitive marketplace. Field Sales Solutions is thrilled to be a part of this group and is eager to share more information with clients and relevant teams to demonstrate the value they bring. If you are a brand owner looking to implement field sales activity, please contact Field Sales Solutions to explore how their wider Group can support you and drive your success.

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