FMI call centre helps make milk delivery more convenient


There is nothing worse than going to the fridge to make your morning tea or coffee to realise that you have run out of milk. In a world where consumers are inundated with choice there are the few essential household items that are bought on repeat and the real pain comes from the inconvenience of unexpectedly running out of these household staples. 

Our Irish partners FMI have been working with their clients, Glanbia to promote Although the practice harks back to yesteryear, the idea of partnering with some 300 local milk men and woman who own their own businesses to deliver milk, bread, eggs and other necessities directly to the consumers door is ingenious.  In today’s world consumers are increasingly seeking convenience as they scramble to carve out time in their busy, pressurised schedule.

Not only does help build up the business of their local partners, this convenient service enables consumers to set the frequency of purchases to suits their family consumption needs with the flexibility to change this at any stage. Consumers can pause their subscriptions if they are away on holiday and to add to their orders at key periods, such as adding a cream order over the Christmas period.

FMI managed the field sales of in September last year. Since the start of this year FMI have been offering a website onboarding chat and retention service for through the FMI call centre.

When consumers are looking to sign up online, engaging with an online chat to assist with their sign up is extremely helpful. Having the human touch to answer questions and provide guidance in an online environment builds trust and as a result increases sales conversion. 

The other key role the call centre provides is executing part of the retention strategy, to reengage consumers who are looking to cancel this service. The personal phone call allows agents to engage customers to understand their pain points and frustrations and able to offer solutions in real time to try and retain them. Consumers feel valued when their complaints are taken seriously, and the agents are proactive in helping resolve their issues. It also provides an essential feedback loop for the clients to improve the service offering for the future. 

The FMI call centre is not a typical call centre, it has an exceptionally strong sales function with highly trained teams who are able to deliver conversions and retention on the phone and online. The FMI call centre was launched in February 2019 with the aim to extend the FMI service offering to help deliver business growth for our long-standing clients like Glanbia.

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