FMI use technology to set the bar in merchandising excellence.


The retail environment is the final frontier in a complex journey designed to help persuade consumers to add products to their shopping baskets. Retail merchandising is a highly competitive, difficult, and often  messy environment, where brands vie for the optimal shelf position and compete for more shelf space in the final battle to ultimately convince consumers to purchase their product.

It is both a science and an artform and, due to consumers’ changing shopping behaviour, the goal posts are continuously changing.

To keep abreast of these changes, FMI is the first and only field marketing agency in Ireland to be rolling out Movista, a flexible retail execution and workforce management technology that helps to coordinate the work of its 750 strong team of field representatives. The all-in-one platform enables the team to plan, manage and analyse the work done in-store, enabling consistency of work at scale. 

The app-based platform provides a mobile solution that empowers FMI field representatives and area managers to easily ensure the quality and timely execution of merchandising and sales work. The data captured allows the FMI head office team to deliver detailed reports and actionable insights that give their brand partners the information required to win in stores, and in so doing, to effectively maximise their investment. 

This level of insight and visibility provided by FMI from using Movista, is a welcome change for FMCG category managers, who recognise the value of retail merchandising data and who are seeking greater clarity  as to what is happening on the ground in real-time to drive performance. 

For FMI, recognising the tremendous amount of untapped data that had the potential to deliver extraordinary business insights for their brand partners was the first step. They looked for a purpose-built retail technology solution to help their teams deliver best-in-class merchandising results that help forge long-term partnerships with  their clients. The Movista's app-based solution does just this. It helps meet the needs of modern, digitally connected agencies, like FMI, to drive greater efficiency and accountability in the retail mechanising space.

If you are looking for a compelling competitive advantage for your brand merchandising, get in touch with FMI today.

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