g7 Utilise smart shelf technology to optimise the use of field agents


The EFMP’s Romanian partners, g7, have been leading the way within the FMCG field marketing industry for more than 20 years. This vast expanse of accumulated knowledge has given them unique insights into the wants and needs of customers and a perspective on issues that matter most to them, namely, what metric is more valuable, which insights are helpful and what promotional mechanics give the best ROI.

The most valuable resource available within field marketing is the human resource, it is also the most expensive.

In order to become as cost effective as possible g7 set out to find smart alternatives to bring in the best ROI while using capital efficiently and effectively. In other words, they decided to utilize solutions that use human capital only where it produces it highest impact, and to automatize all other areas. g7 decided it would be valuable for their clients to participate in a new and innovative solution used in field marketing execution: Smart shelf technology. 

Smart shelves are wireless, electronically connected shelves that use built in weight sensors to keep track of inventory and pinpoint on shelf availability of merchandise and predict future shortages while monitoring consumer biometric insights. Field agents can then be directed to where their actions will generate the highest impact. g7 is the exclusive Romanian field marketing partner for Strix Solutions, the Romanian company that provides a retail marketing tech solution to European clients. 

Using smart shelves technology, g7, can cost effectively provide reports for their clients on planogram compliance and stock management while also running A/B testing for promo mechanics optimization. In this way g7 can direct the human resources to where they generate the most valuable impact for their clients’ business. Field agents can be directed on specific missions based on information gathered though the smart shelf technology. These missions are prioritized through an automatic algorithm that takes into account the criteria that best impacts sales for their clients. 

g7’s use of Smart Shelf Technology has enabled them to use a data driven retail marketing approach in a timely, cost effective manner and allows for educated, rapid decision making. Both for sales and marketing research insights, trade marketing or retail environment, the smart shelves technology gives g7 the opportunity to adapt rapidly for their clients and to provide assistance for them where and when it matters most.

The EFMP are set to benefit from yet another one of their partners leading the way in their respective country. Knowledge and experience of innovative technology and industry trends, such as smart shelf technology, is discussed and shared amongst partners which ultimately benefits clients of EFMP partners.

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