German partner HTW/O set clear sales path for


Started in 2012 with 12 members of staff, is a unique digital concept that combines the cost efficiency of an online provider with the service of traditional on-site opticians. The goal of the business was to offer customers the same quality optician – prescribed spectacles at lower prices. 

Using digital technology, the business set out to streamline the Optician experience without compromising on quality. In the mall there is a master optician online who administers the actual eye test and the fitting of the glasses, everything is done in an online environment.  Consumers register online and make an appointment for a free eye test; they then browse the extensive range of products online and get to save up to 80% if they order the glasses online.

To grow their presence in Germany, our partners HTW/O were tasked with setting up pop - up Digital Service Hubs in shopping centres across Germany.

 HTW/O started the activations in November 2021 and now the team are currently delivering the service in 10 shopping malls and are looking to add 4 additional malls every month, with the aim to be present in 46 malls country wide by the end of the year.

For consumers, purchasing spectacles through the mini digital service hubs the process is more transparent, and it allows consumers to shop for glasses independently. The brand is represented by 2 sales consultants per location who are responsible for increasing the brands visibility. They are required to actively approach consumers and offer them the free eye test, with the goal of getting at least 10 eye tests booked per day. On average 50% of consumers who get their eyes tested will order glasses.

HTW/O is managing the process from end to end. They have devised the strategy for the entire campaign;  from recruiting suitable passionate salespeople, to training them,  to organising all the back-office logistics that  are required for the planning and  implementation of a  national rollout of a campaign of this scale.

The way consumers shop is changing; since the pandemic, consumers are far more comfortable using digital advice displays and a more remote service, is disrupting the traditional optometrist model through the technical innovations available, and consumers are loving the simpler and cheaper approach without having to compromise on the quality of the end product.

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