Grupo A Bolsters Data Analytics Capabilities with Acquisition of Prometeus Global Solutions


Our Spanish EFMP partners, Grupo A, have recently announced their acquisition of Prometeus Global Solutions, a Software Factory developer of Data  Analytics solutions that combine Business Intelligence with AI and Big Data techniques. This purchase marks a significant milestone for the company as they continue their pursuit of innovation and excellence in delivering outsourcing solutions.

Grupo A had been on the lookout for a tool that could enhance the quality and detail of its services, and the addition of Prometeus to their Company Group does just this by providing tailor-made solutions through timely data collection and analysis, empowering the development of all services provided by Grupo A. 

The acquisition of Prometeus opens the door to the introduction and implementation of relevant business technologies such as Virtual Reality, Robotization or Blockchain Technology, all of which are essential for the future and will be critical in improving communication between brands and clients, which  is already a key factor in the retail industry.

Data analytics is becoming increasingly important for businesses in Spain as it provides valuable information about clients, the market, and ongoing trends.  Good management of data can significantly improve the efficacy of marketing strategies as it highlights new opportunities and allows for resource optimization.

Analysing big data is complex and difficult. Many Spanish companies still find it difficult to organise  and interpret their data. As a result, they struggle to benefit from Business Intelligence, and the majority have low BI maturity. The value of data is only truly recognised if it can be easily analysed and understood. With Prometeus, Grupo A can provide their clients with a well-structured data dashboard that is clear and simple, providing a space to analyse the core KPIs set by the business. 

Grupo A has been working for over 30 years to ensure better relationships between brands and consumers, based on continuous innovation. The  acquisition of Prometeus Global Solutions is a significant step forward in their quest for innovation and excellence in the delivery of outsourcing solutions. With the implementation of data analytics and other relevant business technologies, Grupo A will be better positioned to meet the evolving needs of their clients and to improve the quality of their services. As more Spanish companies begin to embrace the value of data, Grupo A is poised to be at the forefront of this trend, driving growth and success for themselves and their clients.

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