Grupo A leads the visual merchandising for new partner ISDIN in Pharmacies and Drugstores across Spain

5/6/2022 1

Visual merchandising is one of the subtle arts that influence customer conversion in-store. Not only is it an opportunity to differentiate your brand but more importantly, it increases sales and creates a brand awareness in-store that customers can frequently return to.

ISDIN, a leading company in European derma  - cosmetics, that was founded in Spain, but now spans the globe, were after just that. They entrusted EFMP Spanish partner, Grupo A, to deliver the seasonal makeover of all their visual merchandising at the point of sale for the whole of the Spanish territory including the Balearic and Canary Islands.

The project commenced on the 14th March and Grupo A’s team had set out three distinct phases for the project.

The first phase related to the window displays that would follow 4 seasonal themes throughout 2022, namely: Spring, Summer, Back to School and Christmas. During the first seasonal theme, Grupo A’s teams implemented the placement of over 162 adhesive vinyls in the pharmacy shop window designed to identify ISDIN product placements in pharmacies across 92 Spanish cities in a 2-week period.

The second phase was the restyling of the permanent fixture for the SPF products display.  This was achieved by styling products of the same range together, with an attention grabbing corbel built at the top end of the structure, as well as an adhesive vinyl being placed on the floor in front of the isle, making it more visually appealing. This campaign also started on March 14th and it is expected to continue throughout the months of April and May in preparation for the summer season. The team will implement the construction of more than 1000 ISDIN corbels and the placement of a similar quantity of adhesive floor vinyls that will be used to  accentuate  their product display on  pharmacy and drugstore shelves throughout Spain. 

The third and final phase is the re-styling of ISDIN’s shelves containing their premium range of products using a LED backlighting structure. Grupo A’s teams placed brand trays, as well as LED strips inside circuit boards on the shelves. The lights are strategically placed to illuminate the premium products giving them a more sophisticated look on the shelf and differentiating them   from other brands. During March, April and May, the backlight displays will be installed at the selected POS’s. Grupo A is also responsible for the care and maintenance requirements for the displays. This exciting new campaign is expected to last throughout 2022. 

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