GRUPO A master the art of DYI in Spain.


The concept of ‘Do It Yourself’ or DIY first came to the fore in the 50’s and 60’s as the philosophy of the workplace spread into the home and people embraced the concept of ‘productive leisure’. As retailers extended their product range to accommodate this trend, they also noticed how quickly the products sold.  Over time, this demand eventually led to new speciality shops and distributors that focused on  DIY products.  

Over the years the  DIY concept has continued to grow in popularity and provided a slew of content for TV programmes. More recently, social media platforms have not only sustained its popularity, but have again inspired the next generation of DIY’ers,  fuelling the growth in this sector. 

DIY taps into the human desire to create. With the increasing focus on sustainability, and with the promise of being the more cost effective option, the  DIY sector continues to appeal to experts  as well as beginners, homeowners, tinkerers, parents, and anyone wanting to use their imagination and their hands to  be creative around the home.  


In 2021 our Spanish Partners, Grupo A, formed two strong partnerships in the  DIY sector, with Bricomart, and Fischer in Spain.

In October 2021, Grupo A  were instrumental in providing staffing solutions and support for Bricomart,  merchandising at the point of sale across Spain.  A month after, the group welcomed its second partner in the DIY world: Fischer.  They were appointed to do second placement implementations and permanent and mobile refilling services for the brand, which came after a successful campaign of data collection at POS located in central Spain, and the subsequent analysis and reporting done by the team. 

For Fischer, the Grupo A team used their own Reporting APP, making it easy for the teams to create comprehensive reports. The app gathers live data generated from every POS, based on the KPIs set in conjunction with the client,  prior to the start of the service. This gave Fischer the option of live tracking, and the ability to check  the evolution and results of their campaign in real time, allowing them to make amends and improvements while the team were in the field. They also received a detailed report and analysis on the key aspects once the campaign was completed.

Working with Bricomart and Fischer has opened the door for Grupo A into a sector  in which they hope to grow their influence and expertise in 2022.  Expertise in this sector will help to  fuel organic growth for the agency and to create opportunities in new complementary areas, thus balancing  Grupo A experience   with the innovation required for entry into a new sector.

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