Grupo A uses data to leverage seasonality peaks for brands


Brands often turn to field marketing agencies for support during peak periods and/or in locations that see their customer population grow disproportionally during a specific period. The aim of the agency is to ensure continuous product availability and to help brands keep a clean image at the point of sale, which ultimately results in increased sales.  

However, there is often an overlooked opportunity, which is that beyond the physical human support, field marketing agencies are also able to add value by provide real-time data on consumer behaviour for brands. Used correctly this data provides rich information for the brands marketing, trade, and sales teams to leverage these seasonal peaks more effectively.

It is the analysis and insights from the data collected that enables brands and retailers to predict their customers’ behaviours more accurately and therefore make more informed decisions. 

Our EFMP Spanish partner, Grupo A,  is doing just this for PEPSICO, for their Summer 2022 Mediterranean coastline campaign in Spain.

 Grupo A/ Pepsico mobile refilling campaign started in mid-June and has been carried out weekly across 150 convenience stores and mass retailers’ franchises in the regions of Catalonia, the Northern Valencian Community, Andalusia and Majorca, covering all the major parts of the Mediterranean coastline in Spain. 

In addition to the mobile refilling, the Grupo A team wanted to provide a high quality more effective service and so they provided the client a detailed report that analyses the data based on pre agreed parameters. This additional report is an invaluable asset that allows the client to continually reassess their strategy, address errors that would otherwise have gone unnoticed and allows them to be easily able to make forecasts and predictions based on behaviour trends revealed through the data analysis. 

This level of reporting and giving the client access to the real time dashboard has strengthened the working relationship between agency and client. The client values this information and service and as a result there is greater client satisfaction which means that there is a good chance of the campaign  being renewed for future seasonal peaks.

This is superb examples of how agencies can leverage seasonality peaks for brands by taking the agreed service to the next level through the capture of data, analysis and reporting that provides the client with highly valuable information, in addition to their work on the field.

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