Grupo A wins 3 major brands: Mondelez, Ferrero and Henkel in Spain


The EFMP’s Spanish partners, Grupo A, have started off 2020 having signed three major brands in the industry: Mondelez, Henkel and Ferrero. This is a milestone that would have been impossible to reach without the extraordinary work of their commercial team. The landing of these three deals emphasizes the importance of combining the virtues of patience, constant work and opportunity, which Grupo A proudly proclaim as their three pillars for success.

The challenge that Grupo A faced in pitching for the business of these prestigious clients was, firstly, to gain their trust in order to  have the opportunity to effectively manage their national points of sale as well as the opportunity to push the sales of their products  by means of the organization of promotions and small events. This is a challenge that Grupo A undertook courageously. Effective mid-December, they had already completed campaigns for both Mondelez and Ferrero and they will be launching the Henkel campaign soon.

This marks the start of a promising decade for Grupo A. Last year Christmas campaigns were carried out successfully, where they managed to satisfy both their own high standards and to meet the targets set by their clients, which was no mean feat!    

Mondelez, Ferrero and Henkel are huge brands with very different product ranges, and each of them requires unique strategies to achieve their needs. Covering a total of 800 stores for Mondelez and 263  for Ferrero, some of the work Grupo A have already done includes: samplings, set ups, in-store replenishments, as well as establishing POS managers’ routes and other in-store activations.

Grupo A’s 30 years of experience in the field have taught them that excellence is reached by sustainable long-term practices.  Grupo A  has learnt over the years that the only way to build long term trusting relationships is through consistent and effective conflict resolution abilities. It is all about working with people and forging relationships. However,  since working with people makes both the course of the project and the outcome unpredictable, it is the ability to professionally solve problems that is paramount and which helps to create a  trusting relationship with clients.

Mondelez, Henkel and Ferrero are clearly impressed by these competencies that Grupo A have demonstrated as well as by their work ethic. And rightly so, for these are the qualities which propel Grupo A  towards their global objective: growing with excellence. By seriously investing in quality, Grupo A will continue to work hard to provide all its clients, whether big, medium or small enterprises, with the excellent service that they deserve, and that they trusts them to deliver.

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