How to support companies and brands in the digitalization of customer relationship?


With digitalization, retail and customer journey are constantly evolving. Companies and brands must adapt to offer an optimal customer relationship. In this webinar, we talk about the solutions implemented for our customers Asus, Bosch, Ecovacs, Puma and Stellantis in order to digital the customer relationship and transform customers into brand ambassadors.

Stéphane Millet, CEO of Demooz, Jonathan Anger, Marketing and Communication Director at Asus, Nathalie Hudry, Teamhead Trade Marketing at Puma, Elodie Messekme, Marketing Coordinator at Ecovacs, Laurent Beaune, Innovation Manager at Stellantis and Justine Vial, Product Marketing at Bosch share their experience and appreciation about this topic.


Develop brand affinity and sell

1. Merchandising

It plays a key role in the in-store experience and requires excellence in execution to develop product visibility and display.

2. Brand Ambassador – In-Store demonstration

To ensure an optimal brand experience at the point of sale, the ambassadors are trained to develop brand presence and the retailer on social networks with Drive-to-Store activations. They are also trained in customer relations on digital and physical channels with a performance objective.

3. Engage retailers

With training in upselling and improving skills. Challenges are also set up to animate the community and motivate the teams. These actions make it possible to develop its network of points of sale.

4. Digitalization

Digitalization will make it possible to offer an omnichannel experience to consumers with the implementation of QR codes, interactive POS displays, dedicated landing pages to participate in post-purchase contests. To retain and involve the consumer in the development of the brand, opinion campaigns are set up

The evolution of sales force

With digitalization, instore ambassadors and sellers have seen their missions evolve to improve the experience and the customer relationship. In this webinar, our customers Asus and Puma explain to us how the sales force profession has changed towards Social Selling activations and Drive-to-Store operations. Jonathan Angel, Marketing & Communication Director at Asus talks to us about the importance and impact of LinkedIn posts published by area managers and the sales force on other stores. A way also to build the relationship with the point of sale and strengthen team cohesion

Grégory Dumont, Project Manager at Impact Sales & Marketing testifies “Stores in different sectors see LinkedIn post and even ask my teams to come and do the same action at their place!”

Nathalie Hudry, Teamhead Trade Marketing at Puma shares her experience with us on the Drive-to-Store activations put in place. How social networks have made it possible to gain visibility and increase the conversion rate with posts published by influencers on Instagram? She also tells us about her network of influencers, a community of enthusiasts who offer a unique brand experience.

Building the relationship with the point of sale

A "Red line" to have a connection with the regional sales manager. Stéphane Millet, CEO of Demooz explains how to build the relationship with the point of sale. With a QR code made available to the in-store sales force, "Red line" is a new service to keep in touch with all points of sale and create a link with rarely visited stores.

How? Each Field Sales Manager has their own homepage, which acts as a digital personal assistant. The sales force has the option of booking a video call, reporting a problem, declaring a shortage or asking the Area Manager a question. The objective is to have feedback from the field in real time and more responsiveness.


In this second part, our customers Ecovacs, Bosch and Stellantis share with us how they made brand ambassadors of their customers through online review and product demonstrations.

Online review campaigns.

To boost online sales, Impact Field Marketing Group and Demooz supported Ecovacs and Bosch with the “Reviews Program”. Elodie Messekme, Marketing Coordinator at Ecovacs and Justine Vial, Product Marketing at Bosch share with you in this section the impact of reviews on sales and on the referencing of products.

To learn more about online review campaigns, check out our article on “Comment obtenir des avis authentiques ?"

Brand ambassador program

In this part, you will discover how Stellantis retains its customer owners of the Citroën Ami by offering them to become Ami Superfans. Community members can offer video or physical demonstrations via Demooz. Laurent Beaune, Innovation Manager at Stellantis presents the Brand Ambassador Program set up and the results.

The testimony of Stéphane Millet and Christel Mouchague on this webinar:

Stéphane: « The topics of each speaker resonated with the other guests and probably with the webinar participants. This proves that regardless of the sectors, the subjects are shared by all the players. To support them effectively, it is nevertheless necessary to be able to be proactive in relation to their challenges and the reality on the ground.”

Christel: « Our targeted customers responded quite quickly in the end and the fact that the floor is left to customers to talk about their devices, their thoughts that led them to contact us or to think about new concepts is a real plus.

This webinar was fluid, interactive and rich in experience with a real mix between actions via retail and more digital-oriented programs with Demooz.

This also demonstrates the great possible synergies between our activities. The real plus once again is the testimony of customers, it makes our actions even more real and very accessible for those who wish to project themselves.”

This webinar is available for replay here :

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