HTW/O puts measures in place to adapt their business to the restrictions imposed by Covid 19.


We have heard so much recently about ‘challenging times’ and ‘ almost unprecedented situations’ due to the Covid 19 pandemic negatively affecting, not only the health of individuals across 210 countries in the world, but also the global economy.

Almost unprecedented? Yes. Challenging? Certainly.

However the human spirit is nothing, if not resilient, and the members of the EFMP are proving this by the way they are innovating and adapting to the restrictions on business imposed by this pandemic. In this, HTW/O, our German partner, is no exception. They have formulated some innovative ways to deal with this crisis.

Shortly before the pandemic struck, HTW/O had secured existing contracts with Samsung Germany. They were also fortunate to increase their business activities with Samsung by acquiring contracts for white goods promotion and for providing field sales forces for the sale of Samsung white goods, as well as for the merchandising of Samsung displays. Now new challenges present, and to deal with these HWT/O have implemented a new strategy based online and, where necessary, in person.

Among the measures employed are the following:

Digital Promoter. This is currently underway with certain dates and times set for operating hours for the inter-active digital marketing and online promotion of Samsung products in order to generate leads and promote sales. This is, in effect, an online product chat forum which requires excellent product knowledge by the brand ambassadors who are then suitably remunerated for their work.

Video material is provided through this medium. A YouTube channel has been set up and the first video is uploaded. At the time of writing, the release of the remaining videos is still pending.

On-line Training. In their training program, Line-up 2020, the HTW/O online training of 210 participants had been completed by 31st March 2020. 

Quarantine Warriors. Quarantine warriors, are referred to as QLED Warriors, because QLED is the Samsung display technology on their latest 4K and 8K TV sets. These are sales operatives who have been appointed in 11 cities throughout Germany, including Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen and Wiesbaden and who also have an online presence for their customers and link in to HWT/O online forum contributions. The ‘warriors’ also provided voluntary assistance where they could, in their areas of operation, in response to sms’s from people in need, by, for example, collecting and delivering medicines from pharmacies for the vulnerable. 

Helping Hands in time of Need. This involves the provision of facilities for home delivery of goods purchased and for providing assistance where needed for equipment installed by them.

Forum Contributions. All reviews and recommendations received on the online forum are collated into a printable version in accordance with the chapter headings in the manufacturer’s product booklet. Information from the Warrior network regarding problem solving, and in order to provide ‘tips and tricks’ in response to the problems and needs of the Samsung end-consumers in Germany, are also incorporated on this forum.

There was a timeline of about one month for some of these operations, but it was a way of not only assisting the community in a time of disaster, but of promoting the brand in a favourable light.

In this way, HWT/O are continuing to provide a service to their valued client, Samsung, by promoting and facilitating product sales, and by being ‘present’ to their customers in the world of virtual reality in which we now find ourselves.

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