HTW/O Sales executes a time-saving marketing strategy for Bärenmarke


EFMP German partner, HTW/O, embarked on an innovative 5 month initiative together with client,  Bärenmarke, with the family as the focus of their attention.

They looked at what constitutes a family in this day and age. 

The modern family has undergone a major image transformation and several transitions from what used to be thought of as the ‘traditional‘ nuclear family model, with two parents, one the breadwinner and the other the stay-at-home partner, and children.  Today both parents are very often required to work to make ends meet, and in single-parent families, a working parent is the norm.                         

So, they asked themselves, what do families need today? And how do these needs correspond to the realities of life? They realised that today the term ‘family‘ is a multi-faceted concept; but no matter the composition of the family unit, all families share similar emotions. The image may have changed, but the essence remains the same. There are the highs and lows, the laughter and tears, and the joys and challenges that family life, no matter how diverse, inevitably brings. 

But there is a major difference between now and then.                                          

The one commodity that always seems to be in short supply in the hurly-burly of 21st century family life, is meaningful time spent together.

As HTW/O client, Bärenmarke, is a traditional German company, who have been in operation for more than 100 years, and who have always been family focused; it made sense to HTW/O to embark on a campaign for their client that would not only be a successful marketing strategy, but which would address the needs of the various family constellations in this day and age, and which could add real value to families.                                                                                                    And so the idea to implement a promotion whereby families could win time-saving household equipment and devices was born. This would give the lucky winners, not only an opportunity to win state of the art products, but the use of these products would buy them that rarest of commodities...more quality family time together.

With this objective in mind, HTW/O commenced a comprehensive product  promotion for Bärenmarke. Week after week, for a period of 5 months, handy, time-saving, household products and devices from the entire Bärenmarke range could be won as prizes.

Karcher came on board as co-operative partners in the enterprise, and participants were able to win raffles for  the services of  ‘household helpers‘,  vacuum cleaning and lawn mowing robots, which could perform those time-consuming vacuuming and lawn-mowing  tasks for the lucky winners. 

The main prize to mark the end of the campaign was that the winner could choose the services of their ‘helper‘ of choice for a period of an entire year. 

At the start of the promotion Bärenmarke launched it own app, and participants could enter the competitions directly, by scanning products from the Bärenmarke range within the app, to qualify for entry for the sweepstakes and thus be in the running to win prizes.

HTW/O Sales were responsible for the entire promotion, from the idea, to the creative input, to implementation, execution and completion.                       

It was an enterprisng marketing strategy, with the added bonus of being able to afford families more leisure time together during the promotion by experiencing, first hand, what lifestyle improvements the products offer.                                         

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