Impact Sales & Marketing Belux has been appointed by GSK Belgium to manage their outsourced Field Sales Force


Field sales is becoming ever more important as consumers are demanding better shopping experiences and seeking better value products,  while they often focus on buying  goods which are on promotion. Engaging consumers in unexpected ways which help to connect them to your brand’s unique value proposition, while giving them an enjoyable experience in-store, can really set your product apart. In this respect, the outsourcing of field sales is becoming ever more vital as companies look to focus on core business and take advantage of the benefits that a dedicated, professional field sales team can offer.

To this end, the EFMP’s Belgian partners, Impact Sales & Marketing Belux, has just been appointed by global company, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) , to support them in providing them a permanent outsourced field sales team to cover all Retail, Food, Hyper/Super,  and Proximity stores in the  Belgian  and Luxemburg market.

Impact Sales & Marketing Belux is the Belgian subsidiary company of Impact Field Marketing Group and is the leading multi-channel sales and field marketing company in Belgium-Luxemburg which specialises in outsourced sales, merchandising and in-store demonstrations.  They have recently been engaged to enable GSK to maintain and further grow their oral care sales business as of 2020, in the Belux Retail Food market, by providing and managing a dedicated Field Sales Team in order to have both a daily and a long term impact on sales on the shop floor. 

Impact Sales & Marketing Belux are proud to have landed the contract with GSK  to partner with them for the next 3 year’s thanks, in large measure, due to Impact’s 5 key pillars of success outlined below which they feel, were influencing factors:

  1. 1. Proven track record. Impact Sales & Marketing Belux has a track record of more than 30 years with major (FMCG) Multinational clients in the Belux Market as well as extensive experience and expertise in Field Sales Management, with references from major clients to prove the point. (SC Johnson, Ecover, CrossCall, Renova, Alpro, …)
  2. 2. Strategic partner.  Impact Sales & Marketing Belux put adding value, ROI,  and gaining Insights at the heart of everything that they do. GSK was impressed by their ability to come up with recommendations for optimal targeting plans to maximise ROI, and with their ability to offer key insights as well as make suggestions to ensure best practice.
  3. 3. Passionate, Qualified, Client-focused, Trustworthy  and Sales-driven Project and Field Sales Managers lead the teams at Impact Sales & Marketing Belux. They are able to manage, motivate, grow, and follow-up efficiently on large teams of sales reps delivering high impact on the sales floor. 

Ability to think differently be innovative and flexible.  This enables Impact Sales & Marketing Belux to constantly improve their methods of doing things and to increase efficiency levels accordingly. Capacity to provide high-end Real Time reporting tools anytime/anywhere using the best-in- class systems. This allows Impact Sales and Marketing Belux to always be up to speed and to take immediate corrective actions when required. It also provides GSK with information which can help them  in their future decision making processes. Impact Sales & Marketing Belux is  extremely proud of having been awarded this prestigious contract and to have been appointed by GSK Belgium to manage their field sales in this capacity and they  are determined to put everything in place to make a huge success of this new important partnership.

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