Lišák (Sly Fox) takes a sly-foxy attitude


These days ppm factum is starting a massive sampling road show and other support activities for Heineken. We intend to reach hundreds of thousands of potential consumers face-to-face with the new Sly Fox cider.

The primary goal of the entire campaign is to increase the trial of the new Lišácké jablko (Sly Fox Apple) Cider, which aims to build its image on communicating the use of local raw materials and on honest production claims. But at the same time, it is not supposed to cannibalize other cider brands from the Heineken's portfolio.

One of the messages is to sell the idea that this Cider represents a “Sly Fox” choice for a consumer and that you don't always have to pay a higher price for quality. Despite its affordability, Lišák (Sly Fox) is a fair and honest cider.

Jirí Král from ppm factum says this about the project: "Our mission in this campaign was to project the atmosphere of an orchard, where the best apples are picked for Lišák (Sly Fox), into medium-sized cities throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics."

The whole road show is supported by funny communications on social networks and customers will also see sly-foxy jokes on key billboard areas throughout the summer.

We offer Lišácké jablko (Sly-Foxy Apple) samples in small 0.1l cans. Among other things, our team is equipped with designer sly-foxy tricycle. Costumes also are tuned into a farmer’s atmosphere to underline the entire communication of Lišák ciders. The premise is based on the fact that it is fermented cider from carefully selected ingredients.

We also carefully selected the locations, the same way the best apples are picked for the cider production. That is why we have demographically chosen the places where we meet the maximum number of potential consumers from the selected target group.

Exceptionally we visit large cities but focus and pay particular attention to middle-sized cities where the Lišák cider has the greatest potential.

You can already check out our photo gallery to see how successful the event is.

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