Option One is adding a sampling acivity for Orange in Poland


For many years Poland has been one of the main workplace markets for Ukrainians and other post-Soviet Union nations.  In order to welcome citizens who are coming to Poland in the search of work opportunities from those countries, Orange went ahead with an initiative giving them a "prepaid card starter pack" to welcome them in our country right at the point of entry.  The campaign was organized and managed by EFMP partner, Option One Poland.

Promoter teams are present on a daily basis in one of the main train and bus stations in the capital of Poland, Warsaw West. The teams are responsible for supplying each arriving person with a starter kit, which basically is a prepaid phone card, and making sure the person receiving it registers on official user database of Poland. 

Due to the fact that mobile phone market in Poland is heavily regulated, the starter kit sampling is restricted to one kit per registered person. This also means that our employees are fully responsible for inputting the personal data of the user into the database.

Our promoters are working safely behind stands with large transparent shields.  The stands are visible from afar and located right in the middle of the main hall, next to several mobile phone companies posters and banners.  What is also remarkable is that the signage on all of the marketing communication materials is in the Ukrainian and Russian language, which is an immediate invitation to communicate with our promoters, who themselves are Ukrainians and Bielarussians.

It is estimated that the yearly arrival rate of people from Ukraine to Poland is ca. 500,000 people which has been hindered by the coronavirus but is picking up again due to the lifting up of the travel restrictions.

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