PSfm Academy App: the best way to retain employees.


How to attract and retain good employees is a difficult, often elusive goal for all organisations. It is often touted that employees are your most important asset, and that it is more efficient to retain a quality employee than to recruit, train and find a replacement employee of the same quality. Whilst this is true, it is easy to pay lip-service to these sentiments but so much harder to demonstrate in practice. 

Our Dutch partner PSfm has grappled with  the issue of how to demonstrate to employees that the  Company  is invested in their futures,  as well as with the issue of how to keep  their employees engaged and motivated. After much consideration they devised a solution to the problem.

The solution:  The PS-Academy App.

 The app has many features, but primarily it is designed to help recruit and retain staff. As part of the design features it also enables each employee to track their own work progress. 

Some of the features include:

•Setting Clear Goals:

The app allows employees to set clear goals and to  access  relevant training,  which is delivered in manageable bite size snippets. In addition,  the app helps them to achieve these goals in a fixed period of time. This a process which helps to keep employees motivated without making them feel overwhelmed.

•Effort Reward

Motivation plays a very big part in employee retention. To keep people motivated PS-Academy App has a feature that gives the user “coins” as part of a reward programme for when milestones have been achieved.  The coins can then be redeemed for a variety of desirable prizes, which could be anything from a gift card to a Formula One outing.

•Technology Accessible

The PS-academy is accessible to everyone who has a contract with PSfm BV.

Although most of PSfm’s employees are from generation X (1956- 1985) and generation Y (1986 – 2000), their target audience is generation Y and Z (1996 - 2015.) Typically, Gen Y & Z are digital natives and are familiar with communicating online and through social media, making the App appealing for this audience. 

•Tailored For You

Each employee is an individual and requires individual assistance. Through offering a tailored approach you can help them to feel more accepted and connected in the working environment. 

The PS-Academy App is due to be launched on the 20th May and will be available to all clients of PSfm BV. Not only does the app have a lot of features that can benefit every company but it provides an  innovative and cost effective solution for employee retention and recruitment by involving existing employees, and offering potential new employees, involvement in their own career development in a way to which they can easily relate, and in a manner which they can easily implement. 

For more information of how you can use and access the App,  get in touch with PSFM today.

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