PSFM and Nespresso join forces to create the Nespresso Trade Academy


The EFMP’s Dutch Partner, PSfm, provides Nespresso with an expert team of Coffee Advisors who are active throughout Holland year round. Nespresso Coffee Advisors provide a true coffee experience to customers and drive sales through storytelling & experiencing the product first hand. Based on the clients personal preferences the Coffee Advisors recommend not only a Nespresso machine but most importantly the perfect coffee varieties. In addition offering a direct registration which gives customers access to the Nespresso services and allows them to instantly order their favorite Nespresso coffee. PSfm and Nespresso work together with over a hundred Coffee Advisors who perform more sales demonstrations at various key Trade partner locations among which; Media Markt, BCC and Expert. With an ever evolving product assortment, PSfm, Nespresso en De Toekomst jointly created the Nespresso Trade Academy to add another dimension to the training program of the Coffee Advisors.

The learning journey of a Coffee Advisor starts with a face to face Nespresso onboarding. Here they learn the Brand purpose of Nespresso, assortment characteristics and focus on skills to perfect their consumer engagement. To prepare for the Onboarding the new Coffee Advisors are invited to join the Nespresso Trade Academy. The Nespresso Trade Academy offers Coffee Advisors several components; e- and v-learnings, an online library, the option to enroll in new courses, a Nespresso bulletin board, an interactive link to social media and a shop environment to redeem accumulated points. The library contains briefings and one-pagers that contain all the relevant information about Nespresso and PSfm. The knowledge gained is then tested via an online learning exam. Online data management is maintained by Nespresso and PSfm, and information is always current and relevant. The online platform enables PSfm to monitor the knowledge levels and the progress of the Coffee Advisors to ensure that they are doing their training and keeping their Nespresso knowledge up to date. Coffee Advisors are rewarded for completing modules, with e-learning points, which can buy them products such as Nespresso coffee, accessories and gift cards. 

Nespresso actively and frequently innovates and their product range is continuously expanding, so constant up to date training is essential and this is made possible in an interactive manner through this web-based portal. After their physical training all Coffee Advisors use the Nespresso Trade Academy to expand and update their Nespresso product knowledge. 

The platform is not only a place to acquire knowledge, but also to share information. Nespresso and PSfm develop e- and v- learning modules for Coffee Advisors and, in addition, Coffee Advisors can upload and share their own content on the platform which allows for interaction with each other. On the bulletin board, PSfm asks the Coffee Advisors questions about their greatest coffee moments, their favorite Nespresso capsules and other Nespresso related topics. The answers to the questions are shared on the bulletin board and social media channels. The homepage of the website provides a link to the Instagram and Facebook channels which are reserved for the Coffee Advisors. This creates team spirit despite the fact that Coffee Advisors work independently, and it encourages them to share their experiences and any tips that they may have picked up relating to their roles.

Creating the Nespresso Trade Academy has not only strengthened the collaboration between PSfm and Nespresso but is also having a positive impact on the level of skills, knowledge and not in the least; enthusiasm of the Nespresso Coffee Advisors!

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