PSfm Traint defines the art of persuasion in training


EFMP Dutch Partners, PSfm Traint, have harnessed neuromarketing methods that focus on the art of persuasion, by tapping into the emotions that drive our decisions.  The PSfm Traint training teaches you how to stimulate the right emotions in your target audience to positively influence their choices. They have used this method as the foundation in developing training courses focused around three core pillars, namely; Sales, Leadership Communication, and Personal Branding.

With 95% of all decisions being made subconsciously, and only 5% with our rational brain, neuromarketing helps fine-tune how to best communicate so as to successfully access the subconscious brain, thereby giving you the highest likelihood to persuade your target audience.


Effective selling to consumers is becoming increasingly challenging. The objective of the  PSfm Traint sales training, is to teach you how to successfully navigate the challenges by       translating the benefit of a product into the right emotion that propels consumers to take buying action. This gives you the ultimate competitive advantage. Being able to know what consumers think, allows you to positively influence  their behaviour, turning every consumer contact into an excellent customer experience while, at the same time, promoting the sale of the product.


Effective leadership involves using language that inspires and motivates your team. The course will teach you how to communicate your vision in a way that connects with your team and gives them a sense of direction.  Through the various communication models, you will be able to identify and gain insights into different behavioural styles and motivations, and to learn which words best influence and create positive associations so as to strategically steer attention to, and garner true ownership of the set goals.


People buy from people, and so, in the personal branding training given in the course, they will help you to define your distinct qualities in order to position yourself as an inspiring authority in your chosen specialism. The course teaches you how to use personal branding to present yourself, powerfully creating a positive first impression, with enhanced persuasive skills. As a company, it is so important to invest in employees who can translate a brand identity authentically, and so doing, increase the impact of the brand. Being clear about who you are, and what you stand for professionally, helps to earn consumer trust and build long term relationships.

Driving performance in any business requires a focus on upskilling your employees. PSfm Traint have created a highly relevant and engaging training programme that teaches you to understand consumers, teams, and yourself, through the use of language and the knowledge of how you can communicate to engage, motivate and build trust with your audience.

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